Entering the last month of the year with plenty of thoughts.

It’s December! Really? Yup…one more month left before we bid farewell to another year. It’s year-end study break for the school kids, holiday season soon for the adults by the end of the month which is especially more festive for those who celebrate Christmas, and for me, I’m having my year-end semester break too that started mid of last November and will go on till end of February next year.

That length of holiday should be fun. Sometime I think it is, sometime I think is not. These 3 months of holiday will give me plenty of time to rest but at the same time persuading me to get lazier. I wish to find some work to do to earn some cash but no one would want to hire you for only 2 months plus. It means that I will end up rotting at home most of the time. How about going out? Well, that is a good idea but sometime I prefer to just stay indoor and going out is going to cost me money as I’m trying to not spend as much as I can.


Another year is ending soon and it’s about time for me to reflect on what has happened or things that I have encountered in 2016 that are memorable or at least valuable to my future endeavor. Well, I will leave that in a post near the end of December, something that I usually do every year of which my blog has become the only platform for me to share my thoughts or resolutions.

Since coming back to Malaysia from Australia mid of last November, I have been quite busy cleaning up and re-configuring my bedroom. My room looked more like a store room with plenty of stuff and dust, all in one tiny space before that. I find it very uncomfortable in there. After some adjustments (throwing out my old study desk, purchasing new simple study table, chair and bedside drawers from IKEA, and slightly re-arranging my room’s furniture layout), my room now looks much better and pleasant to see and stay inside. I have also bought some decorations and hung my previously built and framed puzzle to a wall right above my study table for a finishing touch.

For my blog header of the month, there is no other visual more suitable than a Christmas-themed imagery on the top of my blog site. Eventhough I’m not a Christian, but I do love the atmosphere for this celebration and I will join in the X’mas fun whenever possible. There is also no such thing as winter in Malaysia and hence putting the snow-filled image will give some impression of coldness to better match the X’mas environment in contrast to the soaring hot weather over here.



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