Back in Malaysia for my year-end semester break

Finally, I touched down in Malaysia this morning after spending an exact 9 months in Perth, Australia for the first half of my master course in architecture. A gloomy weather greeted me this morning as there was a downpour, and another heavier one happening right now. And in between them, the heat from the scorching sun is nearly killing me. Now, I have to readjust myself back to the tropical weather from the lovely four-seasons pattern in Perth.

I managed to clean up my room (a bit, not everything) and clear up my luggage before I had my lunch and a quick afternoon nap just now to recover from the tiredness from not being able to sleep last night in the plane. If you knew me, I’m the person who find it very uncomfortable to be seated and confined in a place for few hours straight. Hence, sitting in a plane for a long journey equals to suffer for me. Luckily, flight from Perth back to Kuala Lumpur (and otherwise) only took 5 hours and 30 minutes. That is not long but still considered unbearable for me.


On the other hand, I managed to catch the final episode just now for the TVB drama I’m currently watching which is called ‘My Lover from the Planet Meow’. The ending was aired last night but I was in airport waiting for flight back home. I’m happy the series has finally concluded because it is a very bad drama and I hope it is over as soon as possible. Following the success of a TVB drama called ‘Ghost of Relativity’ last year, the sane cast is brought together for another drama with similar supernatural comedy theme. However, this time, for this new series, it failed in all aspects. It is boring, awkward, weird and lacks intensity and fun. This is like a drama being forced to be created without any real effort just to borrow the success of its unrelated predecessor last year.



Moses Chan is again back to his wooden acting in his recent works which I find it very bad for his career at this point of his time. He is like not having any good roles anymore since winning TVB Best Actor back in 2007 from his excellent performance in ‘Heart of Greed’. Kristal Tin acted cute and exaggerated and that is annoying considering she is no longer suitable for such role due to her current age. Nancy Wu has a far lesser important role this time and all she does is just average here but that’s not her problem. It’s her character’s problem. This series is really boring, dull and I consider it being the worst drama of the year that I have seen so far. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘My Lover from the Planet Meow’ a total of 5.5.

Today is the first day I came back to Malaysia, and it’s also coincidentally the day Bersih holds its gathering in the city centre to voice out their dissatisfaction over the present government. They are the Yellow-team (the participants wearing yellow shirts to show support for it) and then there comes the Red team that opposes it and supports the government blindly. Now, there is even another group called Orange Team. What is this now? A school sports day with different coloured teams? The political drama in Malaysia is funny. As long as the present government is still here, Malaysia will never see a bright future. I’m not there physically, but my heart goes out for Bersih. I’m not meaning that I’m supporting the opposition parties in the politics but that I really want for a better prime minister, a better government, a better system for my country. Hence, change is needed!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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