It’s my last week here in Perth before heading back to Malaysia for my year-end semester break.

Yay…I’m super excited right now, not because there is a supermoon sighting yesterday but because I will be heading home by this Saturday. Time flies. I have spent 9 months here in Perth for my first two semesters of my study. Yes, exactly 9 months. I remembered I first arrived here in Perth on 19th February, and then I will be leaving on this Saturday, 19th November. That’s coincidence. Suddenly, the homesick feeling strikes back as I do miss my home, my room’s bed, my family, and all the Malaysian food that I love. It’s okay. There’s only few more days left.

I have a great time here in Perth apart from my study. I got to explore around the city during some free time and Perth is really a beautiful place to visit. However, it’s a bit small and would be boring if you stay here for long. In future, if there is a chance, I would also like to explore places a bit further away from the city to check out some amazing nature Western Australia offers. Hopefully I can do with my friends before our completion of study end of next year. I think I will also hang around in the city some day this week before I’m heading home, just to catch the last glimpse of the city for the year. I will return by nearing end of February next year for my last half of my study.


There is now only one more assignment to submit before the end of my current second semester. That’s the portfolio for my design studio that has to be submitted on this coming Friday. I have no worry now as I have completed the task which is now pending only in printing and handing in at the campus. After that, I have to settle quite a number of stuff before going to the airport on this Friday’s evening for flight back home. It’s going to be a busy day this Friday. But right now, I can be free finally…

Some days have passed after the US Presidential Election of which Donald Trump is now the president-elect and will take the office next year, people are still voicing out their dissatisfaction or displeasure over the result. Well, that has becomes a fact that cannot be changed. There’s no point talking about it anymore as your country had already voted. Move on. I don’t think he will be really bad taking on the presidency. Let see how he performs. On the other hand, that election has caused the global market to go down and one of the most affected is Malaysian currency as expected. Our ringgit is very weak and now it makes our money much more less value. Haiz…You see below the USD rate to RM now! It gives me heart attack, man…


Moving on…yesterday, Disney released a new official trailer for their upcoming live-adaptation of their classic animated film ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The trailer is now receiving soaring views and very critical feedback. I watched it and I got chill. It looks very beautiful and good. I hope the movie itself will be that good as well. I have to wait another 4 months for it. Damn…I’m impressed by the story that sticks to the original, the very cool graphic done to the characters and setting, the modern rendition of the classic musical score to this movie that makes this live-adaptation film feels much more grand and epic, and of course the beautiful Emma Watson as the Belle. It seriously gives back the nostalgic feeling and reminds me when I was a kid watching that classic Disney animated movie.

Jackie Chan is honoured with an Academy Award recently in 2016 Governors Awards. He is given an Oscar for lifetime achievement and he truly deserved it. He has been involved in over 200 films (some Hollywood movies too) and has been in the film industry for over 55 years. A huge congratulation to him!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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