Done my final studio presentation for the semester.

When I thought of a design presentation for final submission, I would recall how long it took for the presentation of all my classmates in my previous semester. I had to wait until over 6pm for it to finish and I was there since 9am in the morning. This time, I had the fastest ever presentation. Every students is only given 3 minutes to present and that is enough for everyone to deliver their concept and design proposal with aid of panels and model.


(One of my classmates presenting his work in front of our lecturers and guests)

Last semester, I took the Urban Design for my studio. This semester, I’m taking the Integrated Design for studio and the project brief is basically to design an indoor archery facility for the existing Western Australia Archery Centre in Whiteman Park. This is a real project which means that one of the designs from us will be selected to be constructed. This project has been attempted by another studio in the past semester and is continued for another re-run in this studio. The project is interesting, but it somehow gave a lot of limitations to the possibilities of design due to the many requirements already set. Those are the challenges that we have to tackle.

To be honest, I don’t have much motivation or interest on this design project. I wish to take on something more interesting. I have to admit that I myself didn’t really like my own final design. But since time is running out, and hence I have to stop from my design development process and quickly move on to finish the final drawings. For the past two weeks, I already don’t have much time to sleep. My time is mostly preoccupied by working on this assessment. There were so many things to do as expected for an architecture student. Now, it’s all done for the final submission and there is a huge sign of relief in me right now eventhough I’m not selected to be the finalists for jury presentation this afternoon. Well, I have to admit my design is nothing extraordinary and I do really admire some of the very creative ideas from my classmates for their proposed designs for the indoor archery centre.

Well, things are not over yet officially. I still have a research essay which I have to submit two weeks later. Well, I’m glad that I’m almost done for that but I need to further refine it. I’m also having hard time trying to further compress my essay to be within the required word count limit. I also have the portfolio for this design studio to submit in two weeks later too. After that, I can call my second semester officially over and then I can fly back Malaysia happily. It would be happier if I can get good results for this semester too.

But at least for right now, I can have a proper life back. I can have my minimum 8 hours of sleep every night back. I can have my time spent browsing the web back. I can have my time lazy around again. There’s two more weeks and I’ll return to my home. Can’t wait to get back to Malaysia to eat all my favourite Malaysian food. Time flies. Now is already November and did you notice that I have my blog header for the month showing flying balloons. It’s like a representation of hope and celebration and that relates very well to me right now. And finally, it’s now exactly one more month to my birthday!



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