Full result for Singapore’s Starhub TVB Awards 2016

Starhub TVB Awards is an annual awards presentation in Singapore to honour the best of Hong Kong’s TVB series, artists and programmes each year. This year’s Starhub TVB Awards (2016) was held last night (22nd October 2016), becoming the first presentation of annual TVB awards season that will be followed by TVB Star Awards Malaysia in November and end with the prestigious TVB Anniversary Awards in the coming December.


Here is the full result of Starhub TVB Awards 2016 along with my brief opinions for each categories:

TVB Best New Male Artiste: Matthew Ho.

Opinion: I rarely notice his presence in the dramas he is involved in this year.  I think TVB should combine this with ‘Most Improved’ categories. This is like giving out too many unnecessary awards to all the attending artists.

TVB Best New Female Artiste: Moon Lau.

Opinion: Well, she deserved it. She handled her roles quite well with very realistic and natural acting which is considered very good for new actress level.

Bottom Slim The Perfect Figure Award: Rosina Lam.

Opinion: An unnecessary award just to give to the girl with best look and dress.

Tokyo Bust Express The Sassy Award: Tracy Chu.

Opinion: Same thing as the previous category.

TVB Most Improved Male Artiste: Mat Yeung.

Opinion: Well, it’s about time to give him a recognition. I have been seeing him in dramas for a lot of year but he never get the spotlight due to insignificant roles he got in the past. This year is different for him as he finally had some good roles and he deserved this award.

TVB Most Improved Female Artiste: Ali Lee.

Opinion: I didn’t see her before in the past and out of sudden, she appeared in a lot of TVB dramas this year. She is new to me, but her acting is as though she has been long in this industry. Very talented actress.

My Favourite TVB Info-tainment Programme: Not Far But Away (Sr. 2). 

Opinion: Didn’t watch it so no opinion.

My Favourite TVB Variety Programme: Eating Well With Madam Wong In Singapore.

Opinion: Also didn’t watch it, but I guess Singaporeans voted for this because this programme was filmed in Singapore.

My Favourite TVB Variety Show Host: Carol Cheng, Luk Wing & Cheng Sze-Kwan (Do Did Eat).

Opinion: Saw that programme and it’s really fun to see how they collaborated in it. A strange combination for the hosting but worked out surprisingly. They also hosted this awards ceremony.

My Favourite TVB On-Screen Couple: Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu (A Fist Within Four Walls), Benjamin Yuen & Grace Wong (A Fist Within Four Walls).

Opinion: Two couples got this award. They should really just limit award recipient to one. Anyway, I already knew it will be Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu. I’m fine with that other couple in the same drama winning this too, but next time, just keep it to one.

My Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song: ‘Never Know You Are The Best’ by Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu (A Fist Within Four Walls).

Opinion: Also another expected result. The sub-theme song is nice to listen to and it goes very well with the love storyline between the singers (also the two main leads who are on-screen couple) in that particular drama.

My Favourite TVB Supporting Actress: Rosina Lam (Short End Of The Stick).

Opinion: Well, she is a good actress that has been overlooked in the past especially in TVB Anniversary Awards. She is considered new but her acting is generally good already. She had a nice role in that drama and it’s her luck to win this.

My Favourite TVB Supporting Actor: Raymond Cho (Short End Of The Stick).

Opinion: Considered a veteran actor who had contributed so much in this industry. Finally, he won something and it is very well deserved from his funny role in that drama.

My Favourite TVB Female TV Characters (6): Kristal Tin (Brother’s Keeper II), Mandy Wong (Law dis-Order), Alice Chan (Lord Of Shanghai), Grace Wong (A Fist Within Four Walls), Selena Li (Presumed Accidents), Tracy Chu (Over Run Over).

Opinion: I’m fine with all the winners, and I’m particularly happy that they award Selena Li for her challenging role in ‘Presumed Accidents’. She is another good actress who is always not acknowledged. It shall be time for her to take on more leading roles rather than giving them to Grace Chan, Tracy Chu, Sisley Choi (that gang that are not ready at all).

My Favourite TVB Male TV Characters (6): Edwin Siu (Brother’s Keeper II), Benjamin Yuen (A Fist Within Four Walls), Moses Chan (Fashion War), Kenneth Ma (Lord Of Shanghai), Bobby Au-yeung (House Of Spirits), Vincent Wong (Over Run Over).

Opinion: It’s pity that Bobby is being downgraded to just this character award. He did very well in ‘House Of Spirits’ but I think that drama is not that well received in Singapore to my surprise. That drama should have got more recognition.

My Favourite TVB Leading Actress: Nancy Wu (A Fist Within Four Walls).

Opinion: Very predictable result. This is her first Best Actress award in Singapore. She deserved it from her performance in ‘A Fist Within Four Walls’ that is considered the stood-out one this year since ‘House Of Spirits’ is not well received in Singapore as mentioned earlier. If not, Joyce Tang may stand a chance. Kristal Tin may stand a chance too but ‘Brother’s Keeper II’ is not getting good viewership rating.

My Favourite TVB Leading Actor: Wayne Lai (Short End Of The Stick), Ruco Chan (A Fist Within Four Walls).

Opinion: An award for two people again! Oh no…I guess they are bored giving Ruco Chan the Best Actor in Singapore for third time in a row. He still deserved this award from his wonderful performance in ‘A Fist Within Four Walls’. So, they slotted in Wayne Lai this year as well. Fine, he is a great actor and I don’t have big issue of him winning but next time, please limit winner to one for each category.


My Favourite TVB Drama: A Fist Within Four Walls.

Opinion: Expected. This drama is good with great story, great acting, great actions, great setting and great climax. Enough said.


(Images in this post are from TVB Facebook page)


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