Collage of interesting stuff last week.

Recently, I realized that I only have the mood to blog on the weekend and I think it’s perfectly normal since I would like to dedicate more of my time on other things especially my study rather than facing my computer and typing some stuff. I also find myself getting tired easily in recent weeks and so with one less thing to do (blogging), it would be slightly better for me to go through rest of the day. However, I will still continue blogging but with lesser updates until my holiday comes.

The past week had been quite an interesting one. There’s a day when the temperature here in Perth finally reached above 30 degree celsius. I haven’t observe that here since April or May early this year. I love that kind of weather that is not too hot or cold for me. It’s like the most comfortable temperature for me (well I prefer more on the hot side as I can get cold very easily). On that particular day too (it’s the last Tuesday actually), there is also a sudden haze enveloping the usually clear blue sky in Perth. My thinking that time was; ‘Has I went back to KL during the annual haze season back in Malaysia due to forest fires in Indonesia?’. I didn’t expect there would be haze here since it’s now not yet summer when bush fire is frequent. Then, I realized it was a prescribed burning to reduce growth of wild vegetation so that severity of bush fire will be reduced. It’s a new thing I learnt.


It has been many years since I last played badminton. It is a very popular sport in my country (Malaysia) but I stopped playing it because I don’t have any friends who are into it and I wasn’t that into it as well. Last time I usually played badminton with my dad but then we stopped since like almost 10 years ago. Recently, I got back into this sport by joining my friends here in Perth for two badminton outings. Both were within a week (one last Friday and one more on the Tuesday this week). Well, I’m not good on it but would still play to get my body to exercise. And I ended up having sore pain to my body after the games. It was fun though.


In the past week, I had watched two new movies, ‘Shin Godzilla’ and ‘Deepwater Horizon’. ‘Shin Godzilla’ is a Japanese film which revolves on various group of authorities handling the emergence of a giant monster in Tokyo. I didn’t plan to watch this movie actually, but I accompanied my friend to do so. In the end, he accompanied me back to watch ‘Deepwater Horizon’ the next day. ‘Shin Godzilla’ is not those typical Hollywood remakes of such movie when you will see a lot of city destruction and intense action scenes. This movie focused on the meetings, meetings, and meetings to uncover solutions to eliminate the monster and to tackle the effects of its damage to the city. It’s mostly dialogues in conference rooms and the Godzilla only appeared for few minutes for the whole film. However, I find it not that bored surprisingly and generally the whole movie to be awkwardly interesting at some point. The CGI is not good and the atomic blast and beam from the monster are too exaggerated. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Shin Godzilla’ a total of 6.0. I don’t understand why this movie is getting very good critical reception.


Let’s get back to Hollywood movie. ‘Deepwater Horizon’ is a biopic disaster film based on the true event of 2010 Deepwater Horizon rig explosion and oil spill. The movie if of course a very dramatized depiction of that tragic event as expected and required for a movie purpose. The first half of the movie was quite draggy with boring scenes, many talking and non-engaging characters. However, once the disaster arrived, the movie turned into an exhilarating ride. The continuous explosions and super massive fires were also too exagerrated in the movie but it still flows well with the movie and I’m fine with it. I’m also not interested and couldn’t digest the technical parts of the movie that explained about the pressure and the oil rig system. I think I would have better enjoyed this movie if I can immerse myself into the technical parts too, but unfortunately, I couldn’t. It’s too complicated for me at some points. There are some dramas and good emphasis on some characters too which are good to the movie. The ending was an emotional one as it pay respect to the deceased victims of the tragedy. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Deepwater Horizon’ a total of 7.3.


The King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej has passed away after years of health complication on last Thursday at the age of 88. He was previously the world’s longest reigning monarch as he had been on the throne for 70 years before his death. The whole country of Thailand mourns his passing with great sadness and he was a very respected figure. When I visited Thailand in the past, I saw his huge posters everywhere. That shows how much love and loyalty the country is giving to the King. Now, the record for world’s longest reigning monarch is held by Queen Elizabeth II at 64 years. Okay…enough for news reporting.


I had a nice evening yesterday when I attended a dinner outing in my friend’s house. We got to enjoy nice food in a nice house and also got to play some board games after it. It’s a great time for fun and socializing eventhough I’m actually having a little stomachache yesterday. That’s all for my blog post to sum up what are some interesting things I had gone through for the past week.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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