About one more month and I’ll be back to Malaysia.

Yes…I can’t wait for that day to come. I can’t wait to return to Malaysia to be back home and enjoy all the nice Malaysian food that I am too used to. When that time approaches, it also means that my second semester of study has ended too which would be a huge relief! There are about few more weeks and the coming days are going to crucial and intense. Hopefully, I’m ready for it.

I took many random photos recently using my new iPhone 7. Well, now I don’t have to worry of lack of storage capacity in my phone as it now has 128GB. Some pictures are pretty amazing and I would like to share it here. These were taken in the past few weeks in Perth, the place where I have been staying for about 8 months already.


My laptop with a cup of coffee made by my talented friend in his comfy (but very cold) house. This is called luxury.


Also in the same house, before enjoying a dinner of roti canai and rice with curry chicken. Very pleasant atmosphere.


A high-class neighbourhood and the Swan River on the east side of Perth city. Seen on the background is the city skyline of Perth.


A random tree with the sky as the background.

Recently, I have also watched two new movies but I didn’t plan to write any review for them. Well, I’ll just give a quick opinion and rating to each of them here. First one is ‘Lights Out’. It is a horror movie about an entity that haunts a family only when in the dark as the ghost is afraid of light. There is only one jump scare that worked on me while many other scenes aren’t as terrifying as I expected previously. However, the climax in the end is very well done. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Lights Out’ a total of 7.4. The other new movie I watched is ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’. It is an action movie about a man who is forced to travel the globe to assassinate targets instructed by his foe whom has kidnapped his lover. The actions are fine and I enjoyed this movie without heavy expectation. One extra point for this movie is that I get to see Michelle Yeoh in this film eventhough her role is not major. It has been long time since I last saw her in movies. She is the only Malaysian actress that can get to this far. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’ a total of 7.2.

That’s it for my post on this lovely Sunday. It was a gloomy Saturday yesterday with all the rain and wind. Now, the sun is back up and I love it. Well, I’m still going to spend the Sunday in my room, doing my assignments, online, and watching some YouTube videos. Not going out as I’m now in money-saving mode.

(Copyrights reserved to images in this blog post)


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