World went crazy with the latest viral clip…PPAP

The world must have gone mad. First, there was the Gangnam Style that went viral and became the world’s most watched YouTube video. Then, there was this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and then the Harlem Shake that followed suit with similar proportion of popularity across the world. And now, we have the latest unexpected stuff that went viral like those mentioned above. It’s the PPAP song.

If you didn’t know what it is, I can say you have been disconnected with the outside world. It’s the Pen Pineapple Apple Song. The clip features a man wearing yellow shirt and singing a very weird song with very simple but addictive lyrics while dancing. I have a pen….I have an apple…urgh, apple pen. I have a pen…I have a pinesapple…urgh, pineapple pen. Something like that. And I don’t understand how such a stupid song can get to this level of publicity it enjoyed right now.

I think it’s the combination of all the silliness in this short clip that successfully persuaded people to keep sharing the clip. And that is this thing that comes into my mind; ‘What’s wrong with people nowadays?’. It’s funny to see the world’s reaction to this. And after being forced or unintentionally exposed to the song many times recently, I also got myself into this shit. But actually deep down in my heart, I felt like smashing the guy in the clip for doing such stupid move. There’s also a lot of hilarious parody or cover of this song out there which are expected. Well, its fame wouldn’t last long, as soon, there will be another very silly and nonsense stuff making the wave again.

As for me right now, I found out that I felt very tired easily. I’m worried that I still didn’t have enough motivation to work on my assignments especially on this time when the end of the semester is near with a couple of submission deadlines around the corner. No energy, no motivation, and no inspiration. Well, this is kind of a big concern. Fortunately, there isn’t much classes for me to attend right now and I can have more time to do my works (or more time to get to my bed…haha).


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