It’s already October, and I still feel it’s winter more than spring.

It’s already October….it’s already October… And it is supposed to be spring right now over here in Perth. But the weather is still as cold as the winter season for the past few months. Temperature still drops to below 10 degree celsius every night and in the early morning and I noticed there is even more rainfall and strong wind compared to the ‘official’ winter season here. What happened? It is undeniable that the world climate is changing for the worst.

Anyway, I’m still delighted to see flowers blossoming on the streets especially along the path I usually take to go to the campus. They are wild, unorganized, and yet they are beautiful and colourful. Now, I just can’t wait for the temperature to rise back above 20 degree celsius for much better comfort outdoor as well as indoor. I can be an Earth lover too by avoiding to use my room’s heater as soon as possible to save electricity.

I have designed my blog’s header of the month in anticipation for the arrival of spring in Perth. Flowers of various colours and heights blossoming from the grass filled land with the clear blue sky as the background. What’s more amazing than that? That particular image used for the visual of my blog’s header is from I believe this visual will sort of give me and my blog’s visitors a peaceful mind when visiting my site and also will make my blog more vibrant away from the fully black background on my blog webpage.


I have few more final crucial weeks left before the end of my second semester of study. Once that is over, I’m done for the year as well as half of my master course. This also means that there are only few more weeks left before I will finally fly back to Malaysia! But before that moment of happiness comes, I have to endure all the pressure from the remaining major assignments needed to be completed particularly from my design studio unit. Let’s wish that I will have more and more motivation to do my work and hopefully end the semester with good result too.

That’s it for my post of the day! Have fun and enjoy!


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