Got myself a new iPhone 7 yesterday!

That is after a long decision-making process throughout my mind for the past one week. Buying a smartphone is not as easy as buying a shirt. Smartphone is expensive especially when I’m on Apple’s path. I knew it’s all about the branding and marketing that makes their products so expensive but in the end, I’m still convinced by their tricks. At first, I never thought of buying a new phone yet. However, my present iPhone 5 appears to be ‘dying’ with its battery running out extremely fast, error connecting to iTunes, and constant error with its storage capacity. And recently, there’s something inside my camera lens that causes whatever pictures I took will have a little mark, ruining most of them.


(My old iPhone 5 above, silver colour 16GB)

Rather than spending money to fix it (going to be quite costly too), I somehow believe it’s time to replace it, and the timing coincides with the recent release of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. I have been using iPhone 5 for almost 4 years (bought it on December 2012 as my first ever smartphone) and I think it’s quite reasonable to replace with a new one due to the many problems it has right now. But I didn’t trade it because it’s now worth only AUD 75. That figure shocked me as I didn’t expect a smartphone of 4 years old costs that little! With that very low amount of trade-in, I rather keep it to myself as a piece of memory. Haha…

So after backing up and setting up all those stuff for my new phone, I finally can use it today. I have to also admire the efficiency of Apple staff in the Apple store in Perth city yesterday when I bought the phone. They attend to you straight away despite the crowded state in the store. The purchasing process was completed in 10 minutes!

At first, I’m interested on the new jet black colour. However, it is out-of-stock and its glossy finish makes scratches very visible on its surface. Hence, I changed my mind and have chosen the other new colour, matt black and it looks cool as well. Then, I went for the 128GB version, and this capacity will allow me to store a lot of images and videos and download more apps than ever. In the end, I spent AUD1299 on the phone. The new iPhone 7 Plus is very huge and so it has never been my option. After heavy expenditure on the recent Taiwan trip and now the purchase of iPhone 7, I am forcing myself to save money in intensive way from now on.


(My new iPhone 7 above, matt black 128GB)

Time to play around with my new ‘toy’ and checking out its new features!

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