Movie review for ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ and ‘Train to Busan’ (2016)

It’s quite a bad thing when the only mood you have during the weekend is watching movies and not working on assignments. I only spent a little bit of time on my homework, and the rest, on movies. I watched two movies yesterday (and I did reviewed them in a post yesterday as well), and today, I watched another two. That’s how my weekend is spent.

The movie I watched this morning is ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’. It is an animated comedy adventure film and is the fifth installment in the Ice Age film series. The story revolves on the same group of animals, now teamed up with some new members to fend off a meteor strike that would destroy the world. The first ‘Ice Age’ movie was released 14 years ago and I enjoyed it that time because I was a kid back then. It took too long for each newer sequel to come in, and by the time this 5th installment is out, we who have chased the earlier films have now all grown up. And it’s a bad thing. We are now adults and we don’t really enjoy this series anymore when more and more sequels are coming in. It’s a totally different experience and I find that this film series should just end already.



Why? Storyline is pretty much similar in every sequels and I’m tired of seeing the same sloth, mammoth and tiger going on the very much predictable adventures every time. There is no new surprise or fresh stuff in this latest installment. It’s lazy and unoriginal. Even some hilarious scenes of the movie couldn’t save its crappiness. If you really have nothing to do, then you can watch it. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ a total of 6.0. You can have more sequel, but please put more effort and fresh content to it.

Then, just a moment ago, I watched another film. This is much more intense because it is a zombie movie and it is from South Korea. The movie is called ‘Train to Busan’. Now I understand why this movie is getting so much hype right now. It’s because this zombie film is very good! I didn’t expect a zombie film not from Hollywood can even excel to this quality that it is even better than ‘World War Z’. Yup…many has previously compared ‘Train to Busan’ to ‘World War Z’ because of the similarity on having fast moving undead in masses chasing in some exaggerated scenes in these two films. However, ‘Train to Busan’ went a mile ahead with emotional storyline.



I didn’t expect a zombie movie to have such a sad ending. It’s actually a nice approach to conclude the movie that makes it more memorable and touching. Zombie movie isn’t only about zombies. ‘Train to Busan’ gives a good lesson on that point. Great characters’ development is also important to bring depth to the plot and this is visible in this movie. There is also some social issues touched on in this movie. Besides that, the performance by the cast (even the small kid) is fantastic. As for the zombies part which is still the highlight, the movie also delivered with great make-up, good effects, and heart-stopping scenes. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Train to Busan’ a total of 8.5. Simply excellent, engaging, emotional and exhilarating!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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