Movie review for ‘Don’t Breathe’ and ‘Skiptrace’ (2016)

I’m feeling satisfied right now, not from having a very happy meal, not from buying some cool stuff, not from winning a jackpot, but for finally having watched some newly released movies that I enjoyed a lot. I have not been watching any new movies for about a month already. This is the weekend that I finally have the chance to get back to my favourite activity; watching movies! And now I’m about to write my review for the ones that I have just watched today; ‘Don’t Breathe’ and ‘Skiptrace’.

‘Don’t Breathe’ is a horror film about three thieves who struggled to escape from the house they tried to rob as the house owner who looks helpless for being blind and old is instead very terrifying and gruesome. I very much look forward to this movie from the moment I first watched its trailer few months back. And for the full excitement, I encourage people not to watch its trailer or read anything about the movie before watching it. It would be much better and exhilarating. Anyway, I still find this horror movie delivered with thrilling suspense and many scenes that get you to the edge of your seat. This film starred Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette and Daniel Zovatto.




The clever use of haunting score and the approach of having all the actions confined in a house are impressively done. Thrills are never ending once the old man realized that the trio of thieves had invaded his home. There is also time dedicated for quick and sufficient characters’ development and the story went in a very fast and intense pace. There are also some surprising plot twists near the end that gave this movie an extra distinction. But I’m actually a little shocked by the failed insemination scene. I’m also disturbed by the very smooth and quick move by the blind old man that was way too illogical. For example, he can move from the basement to the outside of the house in a long route in a matter of seconds. That’s already impossible for a normal human being, and a blind old man did that. Well, movie’s logic; everything is possible. Moving on, this movie is really a very successful horror film. No cheap jump scares or loud noise, but brilliant use of cinematography and impressive cast performance to make it a high quality horror. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Don’t Breathe’ a total of 8.1. The best horror film of the year so far.

‘Skiptrace’ is on the other hand a much lighter movie. It is an action comedy film combining both Western and Chinese actors and actresses. It starred Jackie Chan as a Hong Kong detective who teams up with an American gambler (portrayed by Johnny Knoxville) to battle against a notorious Chinese criminal. Well, this sort of storyline has been observed a lot of times but I’m still not tired of seeing such plot as long as there is interesting adventure in it. Yup…this movie has an exciting adventure in it, thanks to the good chemistry and humor in the two lead actors (Jackie and Johnny). The movie also starred Eric Tsang, Fan Bingbing, etc.



I’m amazed by Jackie Chan again. He is now already 62 years old and he is still involved in action films like this. I really respect his attitude of doing all the dangerous stunts by himself from all the past movies and also this one. I enjoyed watching his action scenes that are mostly mixed with some humor (hilarious stuff). That’s his signature movie scenes that I wouldn’t get bored of watching. Things are much predictable throughout most of the movie as expected but the one plot twist near the end do really left me surprised. It means that twist worked. This is an entertaining action comedy film and I would like to rate ‘Skiptrace’ a total of 7.6. The two singing scenes are also very unexpected but very welcomed.

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