3 million views and rising…

My blog is now very near to reach its 8th anniversary. Before that date comes which is on end of this month, my blog has achieved another accomplishment today on 9th September 2016. It has officially accumulated over three million views from visitors all across the world. Yes, 3 000 000 hits and the figure is now steadily rising day by day. I noticed that the rising pace is much slower in recent months but I’m not too worried of it as long as there is a rise to that numbers daily, be it big or small.


(Image source: http://www.redrockapps.com)

Well, my blog is still far away from being noticed as a superstar blog but I don’t really care anything at all. In fact, I didn’t really wish my blog here to get too much attention. My original view is just to write down things I like to share on a humble blog. Recognition isn’t my priority here. But since my blog has reached a great milestone today, I couldn’t just ignore it and hence I dedicate this post to somehow ‘celebrate’ this little achievement.

It’s not easy to come to this far and having gained over 3 000 000 hits. I’m sure about half of the clicks from that figure are actually accidental and those clicks never meant that the visitors really read or browse through my stuff in this blog. But that figure is still nice to see and a good indication of how long has this blog exists.

Ahh…finally weekend is arriving. Can’t wait for it after having just returned from the Taiwan trip recently that got me really exhausted as well as having a design studio submission today. I’m also welcoming this weekend with very joyous mood as I have just received a commendation letter from my university for performing good in my study in the previous term (my first semester). Well, unfortunately, I don’t think I will repeat that accomplishment this semester. But for right now, let’s just hope for the best for the remaining of my study (three more semesters to go).

There is huge amount of stress in recent weeks from the Taiwan workshop and also from the design studio submission. It feels best for this weekend to come as there is now at least an opportunity for me to take a nice quick break eventhough there are still ample of assignments to complete. I also realized I have not been watching any new movies for about a month already. Should resume on that this coming Saturday and Sunday.


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