Reaching the end of my semester break.

It’s now less than a week to go before my semester two begins. My holiday is almost coming to an end which is something that I’m quite happy for because I’m almost bored to death during this one-month break. Do you know how much I wish that I can start on the assignments for my second semester right during this holiday? That would be nice. Even before this second semester starts, I’m already looking forward to return to Malaysia to eat all my favourite Malaysian food and meet my family and relatives. Hmm…that doesn’t come until December, or earliest, late November.

My feeling now is kinda mixed once I knew my holiday is going to over soon. Why? I’m feeling sad because I couldn’t be lazy and have afternoon nap soon anymore. And I have to wait for weeks before non-study week comes. But at the same time, I’m feeling glad that the holiday is over, which also means that my boring days are over. I’m glad to be back to class to meet back my classmates and study (of course, not glad to face the pressure from the assignments). My class officially starts next Tuesday, and I have an orientation session to attend on this Friday. This week is already the orientation week for the new students commencing their study on second semester of 2016. I have been through the programmes in the orientation week early this year, and so the orientation week this time and in the future are no longer my business.

5 days more and we say goodbye to another month. July 2016 has been a great month because all I do in this month is just by enjoying the holiday as mentioned earlier and being lazy to the max. It’s also the coldest month of the year since it is the time for the peak of winter season here in Australia. Temperature drops consistently to below 8 degree every night, and for that, I won’t be seen outdoor during the evening. That is very unusual for a Malaysian who has been living in hot and summer days for the past 25 years. There is still another month to go before winter ends.

Another countdown I wish to announce here is that there are now only 10 days left to Rio 2016. The world’s biggest sporting event, the Summer Olympic Games is to commence with an opening ceremony next Friday on the host city, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m looking forward to watch some sports especially badminton of which I can support my Malaysian athletes. It would be much better if the Olympics is held on this month rather than on next month as I have all the free time I have right now to watch some sport competitions. By next month, my second semester begins and I have all the assignments to fill up my days. Anyway, I’m sure to stick in front of my laptop watching live if Lee Chong Wei is in the final of men single match in badminton again no matter how many assignments I have to work on at the same time.


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