Madness of ‘Pokemon Go’ everywhere.

My title for this post explains it all. Since the game release a week or two ago, ‘Pokemon Go’ has been an instant hit worldwide despite it only having been available now in United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Europe. If you didn’t know what it is, then I felt sorry for you as you may be either living in a jungle or have no connection to the world or knowledge of things around you. It is a location-based augmented reality mobile game based on the popular animated Pokemon characters.


In the game, player chooses own design of avatar, then walk around in your neighbourhood, find creatures and capture them by using pokeballs. By doing so, player get to level up, then also able to fight other player’s Pokemons, hatch Pokemon eggs by walking a certain required distance, and various more activities follow in this game. The game is now not released yet to most part of the world but anticipation is already extremely high to this game which is already available in certain countries mentioned earlier. And yes, it’s available here in Australia.


At first, I decided not to download and play this game. The reason is that I’m not a Pokemon fans and I don’t understand the madness of all the players on being so crazy with this game. However, the intense popularity of it and persuasion by my friends eventually led to me joining into this madness too and it all started two days ago when me and my housemate went to Kings Park. When we reached there in a typical Monday afternoon, I’m instantly shocked and find it unbelievable to see huge crowds everywhere at the park at this hour when it is supposed to be quiet and peaceful over there. Everyone there (mostly teenagers and young adults) gathered in the park, all looking down to their phones. From that moment onward, it is no doubt they were all playing the game and I realize how impacting this game is to the society. My journey to hunt Pokemon eventually began eventually before that, I did said I will not play this game.


So, we played the game at Kings Park on Monday. What about yesterday in Tuesday? We head to South Perth and wander around the Sir James Mitchell Park and the Esplanade Park near the Perth Zoo for the magnificent view of the city skyline and also for playing the game. We certainly walked a lot these few days just to hatch some Pokemon eggs, and we walked until over to the city area, visiting the convention centre, Elizabeth Quay, Council House and Supreme Court Garden before heading home yesterday. And on this Wednesday afternoon just now, we went to the city’s CBD area, mostly along the St. Georges Terrace, Hay Street, Murray Street and then back to the Elizabeth Quay and the Supreme Court Garden area for the same mission; Pokemon Go. In these past three days when I have been working on the game four hours minimum daily, I managed to advance from Level 1 to Level 13.


And that’s it. This game is quite addictive but I won’t be playing it for long. I think its popularity will soon fades just like the past instant-hit games like Angry Birds. For players out there who are very addicted to it, let me you give an advice that there is actually much more better things to do than extremely concentrate on this game. I played it recently I’m now in my semester break and I have nothing else more important to do. Once my next semester begins two weeks later, I won’t be putting my attention back to this game. You must know where your priority is, but I must admit that Pokemon Go is really a nice and fun game with some benefits too. Eventhough the over-concentration on it may lead to accidents or injuries (you have to be observant and stay careful while playing this game anywhere you are), but the game encourages you to walk more (to hatch those Pokemon eggs) and allow you to discover interesting places in your city or neighbourhood. The game also invites social interactions. While I’m playing, there would be some other players asking or sharing with you regarding the game while you are in your hunting journey.

I have a good time with this game. But that is just temporary and is going to be history soon. I also hate it at the same time because the game is not stable and keeps on freezing. I can’t even get past the loading screen at the beginning of the game most of the time. It’s really frustrating, but I understand that since the team behind this game never really expect this much of traffic to their game server and hence, instability and frequent crashes of the game are inevitable. For those of you still playing the game, I wish you luck on ‘catching them all’. But above all, please do stay safe and don’t get too addicted to it. I’m sure this madness will subside after some time soon. But right now, you certainly cannot deny how viral Pokemon Go is.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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