Never expect temperature here to drop below 2°C and hitting 0°C in Perth.

It is freezing cold in these recent days over here in Perth. Temperature even dropped to below 2°C last night before I went to bed. And this morning, there is even local news reporting that the city observed the coldest temperature ever in years from last night to this morning. It’s zero°C at 7am and parts of Western Australia were even below that temperature this morning. Fortunately, it’s a sunny day today and hence the temperature rises back to everyone’s comfort. Before I came here, I heard from a lot of people saying that Perth is not as cold as Sydney or Melbourne.

I have to disagree on that as I compared the temperature of these cities these days. I have to admit that Sydney and Melbourne are always wet (always raining) during winter season and hence they may be colder while on the other hand, the sun is frequently seen in Perth. However, when sun sets and the night comes, the temperature over here in Perth goes down very quickly (even lower than in Sydney or Melbourne) and the frequent breeze here make it worse. I’m avoiding myself from going out especially in the evening lately and the heater in my room is now always turned on. I’m very afraid of cold. Even my room’s window nowadays is forever wet, cold and in frost state. Now, I’m so in love with the sun and the frost on my window is melting now and it’s now like flood on the bottom surface of the window.


Moving on from the weather that even made headline on news recently, there is also one other thing that appears to have gone viral. It’s the ‘Pokemon Go’, a location-based augmented reality mobile game launched in few countries recently including here, Australia. I’m not a fans of Pokemon and so I didn’t download and play this game. However, I couldn’t deny the popularity of this game and especially its appeal to those who love Pokemon. Due to it being such a hit now, I will give this game a try later but I’m certainly not the hardcore type on such game. The game allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual Pokemon who appear throughout the real world and it makes use of GPS. Players have to go out, find and ‘catch them all’.

What’s good about the game is that it encourages players to go out more, enjoy being outdoor, and discover the places and landmarks around them. However, since the game’s release not long ago, it has already led to multiple accidents and injuries indirectly caused by the game due to the players’ over-concentration on it while forgetting safety. As for social interaction, well, the games encourages players to interact with others while searching for Pokemon but in the end, everyone would still be looking down to their phones most of the time. So, in terms of social interaction, the game still didn’t help a lot. It’s not even has a worldwide release yet and it is already being immensely popular to my surprise. I thought most of us would have forgotten and put Pokemon out of their mind.


On the other hand, the UEFA Euro Cup 2016 had recently concluded on last Monday with Portugal winning the tournament. This tournament which happens once in every four years is arguably the world’s second most watched football event, only behind the FIFA World Cup. I’m not so interested in football and I didn’t pay much attention to this Euro Cup especially after my favourite team, Germany had lost in the semi-final to France. France was later defeated by Portugal 0-1 in the final. Congratulation to Portugal for winning this tournament (it’s their first time winning Euro Cup too). Cristiano Ronaldo, one of world’s most popular football players must be very proud and happy right now.


(Last two images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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