Sunday, the perfect day for me to write some movie reviews.

It’s been raining continuously in these few days. There is even a hailstorm yesterday’s afternoon that pushed the temperature down to below 10 degree celsius. I heard loud noise of ice hitting the ground outside while I was in the house yesterday. What a weather…I would love to get out of my room in these days and go outside but the rain is preventing me from doing so. Fortunately, the rain isn’t coming earlier as it would have severely affects my parents’ trip over here a few days ago. I’m stuck in my room and there is nothing better than to find some movies to watch. The three films that I had watched for the past week are ‘Me Before You’, ‘The Legend of Tarzan’, and ‘The BFG’.

‘Me Before You’ is a romance drama film based on a novel of the same name. I’m usually not interested in movies about romantic love story between a young couple that would have appeal more to the teenage female audiences. I would get bored with romantic films easily. Since I have not much option recently and so I just go ahead with this movie that follows similar path to the successful ‘Fault in our Stars’ not long ago. It didn’t delivers as good as that one but ‘Me Before You’ is still nice to watch to my surprise. The chemistry between the two leads (Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke) is very good and the storyline is quite engaging and at the same time touching as expected. The plot revolves on a girl in a small town who forms an unlikely bond with a recently-paralyzed man she’s taking care of. It’s funny and sad at the same time, and while the ending isn’t what many hoping for, the conclusion is still a positive one with thoughtful messages about our life. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Me Before You’ a total of 7.4. Even the title of the movie itself is so meaningful.


‘The Legend of Tarzan’ is an action adventure film based on Tarzan, the very popular fictional character whom is raised by apes in jungle. In the same year that we saw ‘The Jungle Book’ (similar theme), now I’m getting tired of seeing a boy or a man being a hero and wandering around in the jungle. Or maybe, the story for this ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ isn’t appealing to me at all. I felt bored and uninterested in the plot that focuses too much on the tribes rather than on Tarzan’s personal adventure. I just felt part of the movie is a mess and the whole Tarzan thing (or so called its legend as highlighted from the film’s title) becomes uninspiring. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ a total of 6.1.


‘The BFG’ is a fantasy adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg. As expected, I’m not disappointed by Spielberg’s work again as this movie is a good one. He usually directed excellent movies and this is one of them. It’s not a standout or a masterpiece but is still a very entertaining and engaging fairytale-like story to watch.  In the film, an orphan human girl befriends a benevolent giant, dubbed the “Big Friendly Giant”, who takes her to Giant Country, where they attempt to stop man-eating giants that are invading the human world. The story went in a fast and satisfying pace while the visual effect is impressive. I was immersed into this wonderful story. It is a family-friendly adventure film that will appeal to both adults and kids. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘The BFG’ a total of 7.8.


(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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