TVB drama review: Presumed Accidents (2016)

‘Presumed Accidents’ (纯熟意外) is a 2016 Hong Kong drama by TVB that has its story centred on insurance investigation and fraud with several other side plots that make up for the whole series that contained 28 episodes in total. The drama starred Lawrence Ng, Sisley Choi, Selena Li, Chris Lai, Raymond Cho, Joyce Tang, Chow Chung, Snow Suen, etc. 


I didn’t have any plan or interest to watch this series originally. I’m tired of seeing Sisley Choi again. She now appeared in almost all the TVB series this year. I knew TVB is now trying to push her into stardom as soon as possible due to many leading female artists now leaving the company but this is too much. However, I didn’t have any other series to watch after finished watching ‘My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan’ and hence I give this one a go. It turned out to be quite good to my surprise due to the interesting fresh new subject explored in this series which focused on insurance investigation as mentioned earlier.

However, the series went beyond logic with the main male character being discovered to have eternal life. I’m fine with some out-of-the-world ideas for dramas but some things just couldn’t appropriately fit in even with all the explanations provided. I simply just felt weird and too illogical. Anyway, dramas are meant for entertainment and they are fictional and so I’m not having major problem with that. However, I still personally think it would be much better without adding this ‘eternal life’ subject into this series.


Lawrence Ng is a very professional veteran actor and there isn’t any issue at all with him taking the lead role. At first, I’m very annoyed seeing Sisley Choi taking over the female lead role again and also annoyed seeing her going past Selena Li for the main lead role in this drama. Selena Li is a much more preferable choice and has been in the industry for many more years than her. However, after watching the whole series, I find that Sisley Choi has seriously improved a lot. Her performance has been now more natural. Her voice is not that disturbing anymore at least. However, there is still long way to go before I can call her a promising leading actress. Despite getting a smaller role, Selena Li did well again to tackle this supporting yet remarkably challenging role. I think she deserved some serious attention and recognition from TVB. I think this is my first time seeing Chris Lai portraying a villain character. He can act but his evil expression and shouts especially in the last few episodes didn’t work out well. I’m not convinced yet. Other cast did well on their part.


The story is not bad with all those fresh new subjects explored. I like the concept of having a mysterious dark organization working for clients with intention to murder people to cheat insurance claims by setting up fake accidents. However, the overall story development isn’t very well proportioned. It started off slowly with many questions, made us curious in several episodes and ended with intense and exciting scenes and happy conclusion. It’s not an excellent drama but is still a nice one. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Presumed Accidents’ a total of 7.2.

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