A thought from a Malaysian abroad towards the political crisis back in Malaysia.

Eventhough I’m right now staying in Australia, I would still constantly browse through Malaysian online news portal to get to know what’s happening over in my country when I’m not there. As expected, it is mainly filled with political news everyday. And for your information, political news from my country can be very entertaining. They are literally jokes, reported by the government-biased ‘blind’ people. People in journalism or news reporting should be neutral in their mind when writing, but those media people back in my country aren’t acting professional like that. Or perhaps, they are given the pressure by the government by not talking anything bad about them and have to constantly praise on all the little things they have done. Government shouldn’t be involved or controlling the media. Where is the freedom of speech? Freedom to the media? All gone ever since the ruling coalition has been ‘conquering’ Malaysia for over 5 decades since our independence.

I’m against the ruling coalition but I’m not in favor of the opposition bloc either. I think the latter is also a mess ever since Anwar Ibrahim is jailed again for something I believe he has not done; sodomy case. Well, when you are a very influential opposition leader in Malaysia, you will get caught up in charges out of nowhere. That is Malaysia. There would always be some ‘unseen’ forces with some dirty tricks to get you out of their way on dominating the country. That’s very unfortunate for Mr. Anwar. Now, the opposition parties are unstable and that is something the government is very happy for right now, and they are also taking this right time to back-stab them. Like I said earlier, I don’t like both sides but I think the opposition deserves a chance to govern the country since the corruption-filled ruling coalition has been leading the country for over half a century with very slow progress and racist-based policies! In the previous general election, the opposition pact had actually won more number of votes, but still defeated overall due to the imbalanced voters’ amounts in many seats contested. That’s so unfair, but what can we do as the normal citizen? We can’t even talk more about it, worrying that we may be detained for insulting or accusing the government. Even right now, I felt a bit risky typing all these. But I couldn’t stand it any further, and I think I have to voice out a bit of my dissatisfaction towards the government from the bottom of my heart. I love my country, but I truly hate how it is governed.

Recently, there is a news that angered me. Penang Chief Minister is arrested on charges that he purchased a bungalow under the market value. Ohh, so now, purchasing an item with a discount is considered a crime? What a joke! He got into that trouble because he is an opposition member. Imagine if he is in the ruling coalition, he would have been free from anything and can do whatever bad things he can as shown in the many past examples (of many government people living in riches due to all the corruption and cronyism). The government tend to put their focus on such thing rather than on their own issues like the unresolved 1MDB, 2.6 billion, etc. The chief minister himself had done so many great things for the state, while the federal goverment overall just keep doing things that tarnish the country’s image worldwide. And yet, the worst thing is that our ‘supreme leader’ still didn’t get it, and is still not ashamed of their actions. We certainly need new leadership and new government to bring Malaysia to success. The country has a lot of potential but they keep dragging it down, along with all the money into their own pockets.

Anyway, let’s move on from that topic. I don’t want to get in trouble. It’s a joyous time right now as the country will celebrate the Hari Raya festival next week. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Malays especially my friends and my ex-colleagues a wonderful Raya celebration! Have a safe journey on trip back to hometown (selamat balik kampung)! For the others who are not celebrating, have a happy holiday! I like being with the other races in my country. It is what makes Malaysia truly beautiful. It is on some parties or groups’ certain actions that divide us further and those people are just too clouded and misinterpreted by their extreme religious views. I believe peace is the utmost priority and will overcome those idiots. Sorry for the harsh word. I couldn’t find any better word to describe them.

Political news are not only everywhere in Malaysia but also in Australia now. Why? Because the country is now having the federal election and the voting by the millions of Australian citizens is held today to determine the next government for the country. Their federal election is held once in every three years, a routine much faster than the one in Malaysia that usually takes place once in every four or five years. There is something good and also bad for the once-in-three-years election. The good is that it will push the winning party to work harder and quicker to accomplish something for the country and its people due to the only three-years time provided before the next election. The bad thing is that the three-years time frame may not be enough for the winning party especially on achieving certain tasks or goals that require longer time, and ordinary citizens may see that as a false hope and a fake promise. Anyway, every country has their own systems and has their own problems. But at least, Australia’s systems and styles are far better than my country. It is almost hopeless for my country with such a dictating government. Opps…I should stop already.


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