Ohh, seriously? Half of the year is gone?

Yes, it is. 6 months of 2016 are over. Another half year to go before we bid farewell to 2016. Time flies. It’s so fast that I couldn’t believe that I have done my first semester last month. This is my holiday month and I’m surely going to enjoy it before all the pressure comes again for my next semester of study which is going to begin again by end of the month with orientation as usual. Now, I will just sit back, relax and enjoy the break.

A month-long break is not too long and not too short either. I’m seeing myself spending more time on entertainment (going out, go online, watch movies or dramas) as I think I deserved that after having overworked on my past assignments. On the other hand, I also would be improving myself on certain useful skills given all the free time I have now. But sometimes (actually most of the time), when it comes to that, I would feel lazy to work on anything. Haha…laziness mode turned on.

My parents will be coming to Perth to visit me in this weekend. They will be spending only 4 days here in conjunction with the Hari Raya holiday next week for them. I have to plan some itineraries on where to bring them around in the city for meals and the tourist attractions. 4 days are a bit too quick, but to be honest, there isn’t much interesting things to do or visit here in Perth actually. It’s such a small city and it is basically dead after 5pm with most of the shops and places already closed by that time. Furthermore, it’s winter now here in Australia and the sky would be pitch black as early as from 6pm already.

My blog header changes as usual for once in every month. For July 2016, I went for an image that suggested cold ambience with dominance of blue and white colours. The original source for the visual is from cdn.pcwallart.com. It’s summer right now in the upper region of the world but it’s winter now for us in Australia, since we are in the lower region of the world map. But things won’t be that cold for us in Perth since there wouldn’t be temperature below zero degree celsius. I wish to see snow (only in certain parts of Australia) but that’s impossible in Perth. And by the way, I only like snow, but not the temperature that makes the snow possible. Haha…

July 2016 Blog Header

It would be cool if the Olympic Games, Rio 2016 is held this month since I have a lot of free time and I can have something to do by watching some interesting sports from this world’s largest games. Too bad it is held in August when my second semester has already commences and I don’t think I have much time for it by then. Yes, I’m not wrong. The Summer Olympic Games is back again after 4 years. I always thought London 2012 was something that had just happened two years ago. I didn’t realize it’s been four years already. Time flies like I said earlier.


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