Looking back at those past oversea trips I had.

Here I am, coming back to my blog as frequent as I can in these days due to the semester break I’m enjoying right now. It’s the last day of the month today and I would like to wrap it off with a post on a topic. Ohh, is there a topic? Nope.

Out of sudden, in all the free time I have now which allows me to daydream more than usual, I started thinking back on all the past oversea trips I had. I think I’m very fortunate to have been able to travel to quite a number of countries in the past. It’s something that used up a lot of money, but in return, rewarded me with very interesting experience and discovery of various places and cultures across the world. Maybe I’m in need of a new vacation. Well, I most probably have to wait till next year’s Chinese New Year holiday for that.

Here below are 15 quick info of my past oversea trips that are worth your time to read as I find them interesting:

<1> Number of countries (not including my country, Malaysia): Around 15, will be about 20 if those quick stopovers were counted.

<2> Best oversea trip: Italy. It is a beautiful country and had the opportunity to visit all its main cities in one go; Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence and Pisa. Saw amazing structures like Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, St Peter’s Basilica, Milan Cathedral, etc. Also nice weather at the time when I visited the country. Winter and yet not too cold, and sunny.


<3> Worst oversea trip: South Korea. The country didn’t have much interesting places to visit. A giant city but with nothing special or spectacular. Winter there is a bit unbearable for me (too cold). And the worst thing is that I felt sick along with many of the tour members (I vomited, hate the feeling) during the trip. Also I almost lost my camera in the trip. Bad experience over there. Snow is the only consolation.


<4> Longest oversea trip: 10 days. Been to central Europe once, covering about 5 to 6 countries in one go. But 10 days are actually not enough for that.


<5> Shortest oversea trip: 1 day. Actually less than that…just a half day tour in Singapore. A quick visit to Marina Bay Sands in the midnight and Resort World Sentosa in the morning, then off back to Malaysia. What a lame trip.


<6> Nearest oversea trip: Of course Singapore. It’s just an island below Peninsular Malaysia, and it’s even linked by two bridges.

<7> Furthest oversea trip: Central Europe trip. Almost similar to my other Italy trip. Took two flights to reach Europe which is better as I couldn’t stand sitting in the plane in a direct flight of over 12 hours.

<8> First oversea trip: To Hatyai, Thailand with my parents. That was like 12 years ago if I’m not mistaken.

<9> First oversea trip with whole family: To Hong Kong in 2006, a year before my mother passed away. The trip itself is nothing special but is very memorable for me as it is the only trip I had with my whole family when my mom was still around.


<10> Usual time to go for vacation: Of course during holiday season especially during Chinese New Year when my father will be able to take long leave from work. Also sometimes went out for trip during Raya holiday as well.

<11> Most number of oversea trip in a year: 2014. Had three oversea trips that year. One is by company, and two are with family. Two of those trips were to the same place; Bali, Indonesia. The other one was to Yunnan, China.

<12> Coldest temperature in oversea trip: I think is around -19 degree celsius. Yes, there is a negative in front. That was during a trip to peak of Mount Titlis in Switzerland during their winter season. Thick snow everywhere.

Rider: Location: Engelberg

<13> Warmest temperature in oversea trip: Around 38 degree celsius at Hatyai, Thailand.

<14> Craziest thing I saw in an oversea trip: A huge open field in India as a dumping ground for the people. That’s not dumping rubbish I meant. It’s a vast place for people to shit. Yes…they squat and finish off their business and they can still chat to each other during the process. I saw it in my own eyes while in a bus passing by that area. What a sight!


<15> Wonders of the World that I have visited: Great Wall of China, India’s Taj Mahal, and Rome’s Colosseum. 3 out of 7. 4 more to go. That’s not including the Great Pyramid of Giza.

I think I had quite an awesome time in the past during these oversea trips that I had before. Looking forward to more of such trips in the future. Who doesn’t like to forget everything about work and go out for a nice holiday?

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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