June 2016 couldn’t be better as the end of my first semester is near.

I can’t believe it. In two more weeks, my first semester will ends. That means I have nailed the first out of the four semesters required in my two years of postgraduate study here in Curtin University in Master of Architecture. Time flies so fast that I couldn’t believe that I have already been here in Perth for over 3 months already. It was like I just flied to here from Malaysia only a week or two ago (reality is over 3 months already).

So, this month couldn’t be better as I’m anticipating my semester break. This upcoming semester break is short (only a month long) but that’s enough for me to at least take a lengthy break from the stress accumulated in the first semester and get ready to brace for more in Semester 2 of my study. What’s left right now for me is finishing up my boards for my Urban Design Studio class (that one is a huge work) to be submitted this Friday and then submission of two portfolios by middle of June. After that, I’m a free man!

As I had been working for almost four years in the past after obtaining my degree, right now, I’m still not that used to working on assignments, especially on the heavy tasks that require me to stay overnight for a week or over to finish up the works before the approaching deadlines. Yes, I’m talking about the Design Studio boards that I’m currently working on. Thank God, my concentration and passion allows me to complete it according to plan (somehow…) and to my satisfaction (hopefully to my lecturers’ satisfaction too). I have been working on drawings, editing, and facing my laptop for countless of hours for it. I hope it paid off with great outcome and result in the end.

So now, it’s June. I’m here in Perth, and I have to get ready for the winter for the first time (since there is no such thing as four seasons in Malaysia, my home country). Actually, now, it’s already almost like winter here in Perth, but fortunately, the days here are still mostly sunny (I love sun now due to the coldness).

June 2016 Blog Header

The new blog header for the month would be nature-inspired. The first thing that came to my mind when designing the header is a view to the forest landscape with beautiful sunlight ray cutting through the trees in a very poetic atmosphere. So, my blog header ended up with that wonderful visual for the rest of the month (Original source of the image at http://www.magic4walls.com). Last but not least, have fun and enjoy June 2016! It’s mid of the year already…


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