Time to talk about TVB series back.

Yesterday, I have completed yet another TVB series. ‘My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan’ (the title in English sounds long and weird) is a 25-episodes Hong Kong modern comedy drama which revolves on a group of triad members who are no longer in their prime years and must learn to survive in middle age. The former leader of a triad had to adjust his life outside while being assisted by his old friend after being in prison for twenty years. The series starred Kent Cheng, Tommy Wong, Eliza Sam, Mat Yeung, Joel Chan, Kingdom Yuen, Alice Chan, etc.


I didn’t actually plan to watch this series because I find the plot not that interesting or has appeal to me. However, I have nothing else to watch and I wish to find at least an episode of a series to spend my time every evening for a bit of entertainment, hence I went ahead with this series. I’m quite surprised that it turned out to be quite a good drama. Not so serious, touching at some moments, funny at others, this drama is enhanced with good acting by the cast.

Eliza Sam surprised me the most and her acting here was very realistic, natural and very well. She certainly improved a lot and I think she is now better than the many other newbie artists whom are very bad in their acting but TVB insisted on giving them many significant roles (like Sisley Choi, Grace Chan, etc). Same goes to Mat Yeung who had shown to us that he can take on bigger role rather than his past involvement mostly in very minor or uncredited roles.


Kingdom Yuen is a veteran actress I like to watch her on TV and she hasn’t been in drama for many years already. It’s good to see her back but she delivered over exaggerated expressions in this series. I knew her character requires her to do so, but I think still she overact in here. But that’s not a major problem. Generally, this series is not bad, but still not excellent either as I think it will be another one of countless TVB series recently that we will forget their existence after several months. This series stands no chance for the year end’s TVB awards, but it’s still a good form of light entertainment for me in the past month. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan’ a total of 7.0.

Last weekend, I had also concluded watching the ICAC Investigators 2016, a short drama of five episodes about five different corruption cases solved by the Hong Kong ICAC investigators. The series, aired every Saturday, starred Ruco Chan, Kenneth Ma, Elena Kong, Elaine Yiu, Natalie Tong, Chris Lai, and many other new artists as well. The series gave me more knowledge of what ICAC do and exposed me to variety of possible corruption activities in real life. But the series is too short, but I think that is because the producer already ran out of idea of new cases (storyline) to develop as this franchise has been here for decades. I will give a quick rating for this as well; 6.6.

ICAC Investigators 2016(廉政行動2016) Overview And Promotional Stills TVB 2016 AHMIKE.com

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