Denmark won Thomas Cup 2016 and its their first ever win for this trophy.

Congratulation to Denmark for winning this year’s Thomas Cup! You have proven to all of us that not only the Asians can master badminton. Even the European can deliver on this particular sport as well. From their winning today after an exciting final match with Indonesia, they made history by becoming the first ever European country to win Thomas Cup, a prestigious team-event badminton championship that is held once in every two years. Denmark is now also the fifth country to have ever win the Cup (after Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Japan). Japan won it in the 2014’s edition (it’s their first time win of the Cup too) after defeating Malaysia in the final two years ago in New Delhi, India.


This time, Malaysia’s journey fall short as they could only walk their way to the semi final stage after being defeated by Denmark in 3-2 on last Friday in matches that I watched all of them live from YouTube. Malaysia had to settle for bronze medal this time. The last time Malaysia won Thomas Cup is way back in 1992! I was only 1 year old back then. Just now, I did watch part of the matches in the final and Denmark prevailed in 3-2 over Indonesia. It is their historic win and they totally deserved it. I am stunned by their excellent performances on courts in this tournament. They played it so well to my surprise. Indonesia had to be content with silver while Malaysia and South Korea are both the second runner-ups.

2016 Thomas Cup

On the other hand, Uber Cup 2016 champion is China. Well, at least they didn’t disappoint the local crowds by at least getting a trophy for the female side (Thomas Cup is team event for the boys while Uber Cup is the equivalent for the girls). Watching Thomas Cup 2016 was taking away a huge part of my past weekend as the matches were very long and time-consuming.  At the same time, I have to work on my assignments, particularly on my culture subject as I’m having an oral presentation later in a few hours time. I’m nervous as usual but I’m ready, and I hope everything would be fine and smooth later during my presentation. I did practice on my speech and limit myself into the required time-frame today. My housemates would be feeling weird of hearing me talking to myself in my room frequently today. Haha…

The last Saturday was a bad day…in terms of its weather here in Perth. A strong storm and wind struck Perth for almost the whole day in the last Saturday and it caused blackout in most areas including my area here. I’m left without any electricity for like five hours. I didn’t expect it to be that long since this is a First World country. In the end, its just like in Malaysia; blackout easily from rain or wind, and then only be restored after a long period of time. I couldn’t do anything in that five hours (couldn’t work on my tasks) and so I had to take an afternoon nap. Time wasted. Luckily, I managed to finish up my planned works mostly today.

It is now less than 4 weeks to the end of my first semester. More crucial countdown is that there are only two weeks left for my major design studio submission! Hmm…Now, I would want the remaining part of this month and the whole June (next month) to end quick!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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