Movie review: X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Another weekend is arriving but there wouldn’t be any fun for me as I have to work on my assignments as usual. I think I shall just stay at home and work things out and hopefully everything goes according to plan. And yea, I have watched ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ yesterday exactly on its first day of release in Australia.


I didn’t plan for that actually. I just went to the campus to print something while still leaving my laptop in my room turned on. Then, I met a friend and we went to Carousel for a meal. After that, we go for a quick shopping as I was still searching for a nice white jacket. It’s a bit weird and disappointing as I have been searching for so many stores and yet there is none of them that sells white jacket with zip. It’s a very common thing with a common color. I ended up buying a grey-colored and that isn’t because it is really nice but just cheap. It costs me only 20 dollars. Then, we noticed that this latest X-Men movie has come out in cinema and so we went for it since we were already in Carousel mall.

I enjoyed this movie a lot. I noticed that this particular film has only received mixed reviews from critics so far and it is below the quality of its first two movies (First Class and Days of Future Past). I have to disagree on that and stands in a minority view. I think this ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ is a great one, almost a masterpiece and is almost on par with the excellence I found in ‘First Class’. ‘First Class’ would still be my best out of these three while ‘Apocalypse’ stays at second spot. ‘Days of Future Past’ received critical acclaim but I personally don’t like it that much. It was still a very decent movie.


This latest X-Men movie sets in 1980s and revolves on the same group of mutants (now more on newly recruited young mutants) fighting against the world’s first and most powerful mutant, En Sabah Nur (simply called as Apocalypse). The movie deals mostly with these youngsters controlling their abilities, conflict between Magneto with humans, Charles’ management to his school and relationship to his lover, and of course the battle against the supervillain. I enjoyed seeing all of those storylines and I didn’t even find this two and a half hours long movie draggy at all. It’s fun and serious at the same time. The Quicksilver steals the show from his limited scene again just like what he did in ‘Days of Future Past’, while we get to see the young Cyclops and Jean Grey (Phoenix) here.


The visuals are awesome and the fights are fantastic. The soundtrack gave me chills and the script is wonderful. Apocalypse is one mighty villain with countless powers and abilities and is a man almost impossible to be defeated. His strength is what makes this superhero movie awesome. I think out of the many superhero films I have seen in recent years, Apocalypse is easily one of the greatest and most powerful comic book villains been portrayed in movies. But in the end, he still got destroyed in the end with combination of power by the X-Men team. Wonderful movie. It’s very intense and thrilling. I’m against the others by saying that this is even better than ‘Captain America: Civil War’ eventhough I’m sure that ‘Civil War’ would still make much more money than ‘Apocalypse’. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ a total of 8.1. Maybe not the best but certainly one of my most favourite movies of the year. There is always a post-credit scene for this kind of movie and it gives us a hint on who is the villain for the next X-Men movie. This kind of franchise will never end, isn’t it?

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3 Responses to “Movie review: X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)”

  1. Enjoyed reading this, do you ever share your writing on any movie sites?

    • vincentloy Says:

      Hi. I have never share my writing on any movie sites coz I felt that my review isn’t on critics’ or professional level yet. just sharing out my humble opinion on those movies that I watched and I had interest on in my blog would be already fine for me. Thanks for complimenting by the way.

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