Let’s talk about movies this week.

Before the final weeks of my semester is approaching, I think I should find a day to relax and ensure I have 0% stress to tackle on some heavy tasks to conclude the semester. Going out for a movie in cinema would be a great idea and I have been doing that for like once in a month since moving to Perth from the last February. One movie I’m anticipating right now and will be released this weekend is the ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’.


I enjoyed ‘First Class’ very much and I’m also delighted with ‘Days of Future Past’. However, I have read some early reviews on this latest installment and it isn’t that good compared to its first two predecessors. However, I think I would still watch it, and I’m looking forward to all the mutant fights in it. But buying a movie ticket here in Australia is so costly. I can literally have two nice meals for a day with that amount of money.

The last movie that I went into the cinema to watch is ‘Captain America: Civil War’. It’s a good movie but for me, I still think ‘Winter Soldier’ is slightly better than this ‘Civil War’, in contrary to what most other people think. Perhaps people nowadays find it more interesting to see many superheroes teamed up in a single movie. And actually, I’m starting to get tired with countless of superhero films coming in in these recent years. There are too many of them. People now like to produce this type of movies due to its wide appeal and can generate huge profit for the film studios. I’m not against that as long as they produce them with emphasis in quality over quantity.

But hey…their popularity is still intense across the world. Recently, ‘Captain America: Civil War’ becomes the 25th film in history to gross over US$ 1 billion in worldwide box office intake. It’s never easy to join the 1-billion dollar club and another Marvel’s flick did it again. It’s certainly a box-office hit but I didn’t expect it to cross over 1 billion milestone. It is still now not slowing down in its box office intake worldwide and it is expected to reach final grossing of around US$ 1.3 billion. This 13th film in Marvel Cinematic Universe also helped push its franchise over US$ 10 billion in total grossing from its 13 films so far. It’s the first franchise to achieve 10-billion mark.


On the other side, ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ had accumulated only a little over US$ 850 million. Previously, I expected this movie to gain over US$ 1 billion easily due to the film marking the start of DC Cinematic Universe and that we have not seen Superman and Batman together in a single film before. In the end, it failed to reach 1-billion mark. It is now trying very hard to reach 900 million mark since it’s going to be out of theatres soon. It’s all because the film isn’t well received, unlike Civil War which is enjoying the critical acclaim it gained that helps to push this movie to a huge box office hit.


(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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