The Amazing Race 28 concluded with Dana and Matt winning this season.

Another season of ‘The Amazing Race’ has come to an end with its final episode aired yesterday. The Amazing Race Season 28 featured 11 teams and they traveled around the world to finish tasks in each legs and went through series of elimination. The winning team will win US$ 1 million in the final leg if they came first. And the champion for this season is Dana and Matt.


I enjoyed watching this reality television show since years ago. It’s full of exciting tasks where competitors get to perform daring stunts or cultural activities related to the places they were visiting. It’s fun, challenging and at the same time exposing the competitors to variety of cultures and people across the world. It’s also interesting to see the actions (arguments and mistakes) by the teams and see where it leads them to. It’s dramatic and thrilling for me and that’s why I love this show and I wouldn’t want it to end sometime, hoping for more seasons to come.

Phil Keoghan is the host as usual and I think The Amazing Race would be not the same without him. The three teams that entered the final leg are Dana and Matt, Sheri and Cole, and Tyler and Korey. Despite frequent arguments around, Dana and Matt were both quite consistent and smart throughout the race and I’m happy that they won it in the end. Sheri and Cole were the underdog, and I find this team to be very weak and even not deserved to get into the final. They were worried and scared of almost everything, slow and performed tasks poorly most of the time but luck was always with them as they went through two legs in the last place but those were non-elimination legs. Very fortunate for them. Second place is their best standing already. Tyler and Korey were very consistent (they won most of the earlier legs) as well but they had a bad last leg which was the most crucial one. Hence, they settled for third place.

There are actually some other stronger teams, but they got eliminated in earlier rounds surprisingly, either by sudden serious mistakes or by the devastating U-turn tactics. So now, I have less one television show to catch up every weekend. I’m hoping the next season, The Amazing Race 29 to come quick.

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