Some images of the campus I’m studying in right now…ohh, did you realize today is Friday the 13th?

So I guess I have to rewatch ‘Friday the 13th’ movie tonight just to get into the mood. That’s a good slasher movie with plenty of intense chase, disgusting gore and typical adult-rated storyline and common cliche (the annoying teens will be dying first, and in the end, villain isn’t actually dead). Slasher is one of the sub-genres I’m interested on from the horror category for movies. So, it’s Friday the 13th today and it’s supposed to be an unlucky day if you are a superstitious person. But hey…everything is just as usual and smooth today.

In my previous blog post, I posted some latest images of my former secondary school that I have spent five years over there previously. Now, I think it’s time for pictures of the campus I’m studying in right now for these two years for my postgraduate study. It’s the main campus, Bentley campus for Curtin University and it’s in Perth, Australia. It’s a huge campus with many old buildings scattered around many parks, plazas and courtyards. There are also some new faculty buildings here and construction is taking place on one side of the campus for expansion.


The front area of the campus with the drop-off point in the centre and John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library on the right. Never visited that library before.


One of the many pedestrian walkways in the campus, with many steps down the slope and beautifully lined with trees on both sides.


Interesting geometric-shaped openings to one of the buildings in the campus.


View from Curtin Stadium out to the huge field in front.


The two most beautiful faculty buildings in the campus. Modern and interestingly designed. Too bad, it’s not the architecture building that I’m frequently staying since I’m taking architecture course.


And this is the interior of the architecture building. It’s a very old building with modernism and brutalism architecture. The most interesting and the most annoying part is the staircase of which it will not bring you to certain levels. That’s weird.

These images are just showing a portion of the campus, not the overall. It’s in a very beautiful setting, surrounded by plenty of trees, landscaping and grass fields. It’s clean, quiet, peaceful, and comfortable walking around in the campus. But certainly not at night when there isn’t many people around and it’s a bit dark and scary especially when you are walking alone.

That’s it for today. Have a nice weekend! I’m going to ‘enjoy’ the coming weekend with my assignments! Haha…as usual, that’s typical student’s life. But this is still much better than the boring and repetitive working life I had for the past four years back in Malaysia before I decided to pursue my Master of Architecture here in Curtin University.

(Copyrights reserved to all images in this blog post)


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