Suddenly missing my former secondary school, MBSSKL.

When I scrolled through my Facebook home page just now, I saw a post by the alumni association of my former secondary school and the post contains several latest images of the school. It is the Methodist Boys Secondary School, Kuala Lumpur (MBSSKL). We simply called it as MBS. I attended my five years of secondary-level education here from 2003 to 2007. It feels great to look back at the school on its present days from those images and a strong feel of nostalgia came through.




(Images above are from MBSSKL – Ora Et Labora Facebook page)

There has been quite a huge transformation to the school after I left almost a decade ago. Opps…couldn’t believe that I finished my secondary education there for almost 10 years ago already. Time flies. I can see there is a new school block over facing the field and also beautiful renovation done to certain area of the school. Well, this is not an ordinary modern school. It’s actually a very old school, a school that is here for almost 120 years. Just to let you have the idea of how old it is, let me inform you that MBS is already built when China is still under emperor’s rule. MBS had gone through both World War I and II. And MBS had celebrated its centenary anniversary even before Petronas Twin Towers are completed.

I would love to visit my alma mater once I’m back to Malaysia. I would like to check out those teachers who taught in my classes back then who are still around now and haven’t retire. I guess most of them would have retired already. I do particularly remember few teachers who are either very kind and good or those who are very strict, scary or crazy. If possible, I’m totally into the plan of getting back together with many of my former classmates. But that is almost impossible since we have been going on our direction after finishing our study in MBS. Well, I do miss my years in MBS and I’m proud to be an alumni of MBS. It’s even one of the best (premier) secondary schools in KL and is one of the very few that prioritizes English Language as the medium of teaching and learning. That’s a good thing. The school is always among the top schools of the country when it comes to the major examinations results like PMR, SPM and STPM. The school is also famous for establishing the country’s first school magazine as well as having the first secondary school’s library if I’m not mistaken. You see…I’m certainly proud of having studied in MBS.

But on the other hand, I couldn’t stand the madness of the school’s disciplinary system. Haha…those from MBS would certainly understand what I’m telling from that point. For now, I’m wishing the best for the school, and yea…Go Forward MBS! (That’s the school’s song title as well). Okay…time to put aside my nostalgic moment towards my alma mater and get back to my assignments. Oh no…the weekend is over very soon. That’s sad….


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