A boring weekend…lazy and yet there are assignments to do.

Here comes another typical weekend here in Perth. When I was working back in Malaysia, I would be totally free during the weekend as I will not let my job penetrates into my two-days of break every week. Now, since I’m back as a student and it’s now still during the semester, I have assignments to complete and weekend is the best time to work on them. But my laziness always comes in once Friday’s evening arrives every week.

But so far, the progress of my works is quite well. I didn’t let my laziness overtaking my mood to work on my tasks. Just being in my room for these two days not only give me no distraction for me to concentrate on my assignments but also a good decision to prevent myself from over spending here. If I’m going out, I’m going to spend money, and I shall avoid myself from doing that for as long as possible. Recently, I roughly estimated that the amount of money I had saved for the past four years of working would be all gone just by spending less than two years here in Australia.

And I mean I saved a lot last time and it would all be gone soon for my living expense for my postgraduate study here. That’s scary and our very low Malaysian currency just made things worst. But hey…I will be very boring if I didn’t get out! Yes, that is inevitable, but I will try my best to find some form of entertainment just from my room, like getting some series to watch, playing some games or my phone, etc. Going outdoor recently is also not a good idea to me since it’s already cold outside now especially with the frequent strong wind. So, still prefer of not going anywhere unless there is something really cool out there and it needs me….


I managed to watch a new movie just now. It’s ’10 Cloverfield Lane’. This movie is like a sequel to the alien-invasion movie ‘Cloverfield’ which was released back in 2008. That found-footage film was quite interesting and exciting to watch. Same goes to this somehow unrelated sequel. Now ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ is not a found-footage film and it’s a much ‘smaller’ film but still grabs my attention from the storyline and its confined setting for the most part of the film. The cast (just three main cast) did extremely well for their performances. It’s quite intense especially at the end. I usually like this kind of movie that sets in a confined setting or a small space (in this case, a bunker house). It still goes in the mysterious direction and it didn’t reveal much of the alien creatures not only until the end part just like the first movie. Out of 10 points, I rate ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ a total of 7.5.



(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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