Now, we MAY welcome MAY.

Yes, a big welcome to May! Another new month as we are quickly approaching to the mid of the year. There is only about five weeks more before my first semester ends. That is unbelievably fast, and I too seriously hope for the conclusion of my first semester quick so that I can enjoy the semester break which would last for over a month in between June and July this year before my second semester arrives. So far, everything has been going smooth and well for my study and I hope it stays that way till my graduation end of next year.


View of Perth’s city skyline from the architecture building in Curtin campus, the building I’m going to stick around for another two years.

Let’s not talk to that far yet. It’s just May 2016 now. What will I be up to in this month? Just being steady while focusing on my study. That how it will goes for this entire month. I will have to be prepared to face colder weather from now on as we are slowly heading to winter season here in Perth, Australia. It’s just autumn now but I almost couldn’t stand the coldness here especially in the morning and at night already. I’m being too used to Malaysia’s hot weather all the time.

Today is May Day and is also Labour Day! But it isn’t observed similarly here in Australia. Back in Malaysia, I would have this as a public holiday on the coming Monday (since Labour Day falls on Sunday and will automatically makes Monday as the public holiday). But I’m in Australia now and so I have to be familiar with Australian calendar now. Labour Day here is observed on different date. That’s too bad. But wait a minute, I should get myself much more hardworking now and shouldn’t just keep waiting for holiday to come.

I’m actually starting to get clueless on what kind of visual to be picked for my blog’s header every month here. Since my blog header will be updated with a new image every month (this pattern has been here for years already), I felt there is a need for me to just go for a much simple but still lovely header for my blog from now on, unless I really have the free time to design very complicated and interesting headers later on. For this month, the first thing that came to my mind while thinking the blog header is bubble. I had no idea why I would thought of that suddenly, but anyway, the idea proceeds. We have an image of beautiful bubbles floating in the air now up at the top of my blog’s page for this month.

May 2016 Blog Header

Last but not least, I would like to wish all of my blog readers a wonderful month ahead! Have a great May 2016, everyone!



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