Movie review: Captain America – Civil War (2016)

Hi, guys and girls! It’s me posting on the last day of the month. I have just returned home from watching the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ at Westfield Carousel shopping mall with my housemates. I felt slightly unwell recently but I have to go ahead with the movie today as I had purchased the tickets online earlier. It’s just bad and costly to waste it. If I’m not mistaken, this would be Captain America’s last stand-alone film before Marvel put its full focus on the other remaining and also new superheroes as well as the Avengers.


Well, this isn’t really Captain America’s stand-alone film after all since most of Marvel superheroes also joined in the fun in this third installment of Captain America’s film series. Why? Because the storyline here is about Civil War. The disagreement between Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Steve Rogers (Captain America) due to political interference added with Captain insisting on saving his best friend, Bucky (Winter Soldier) from many evil plots he had done after being brainwashed led to separation of the Avengers team into two group, and eventually fight between them. There is still a bad guy behind all this in this movie but he is not really a threat at all besides than making things up to create this war between the Avengers themselves.


I enjoyed all the action sequences in this movie, but beyond that, I find there is nothing much to compliment for. The conflict between Tony and Steve is sad but nice to watch, and I’m happy that they sort of trying to resolve their difference by the end of the movie. I also enjoyed seeing new superheroes joining in like Black Panther and the very young Spiderman. So now, we see Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Falcon, Ant-Man, War-Machine, Black Panther, Winter Soldier, and Spiderman. What a huge group. It’s like it’s another Avengers movie (the next Avengers movie will be the Infinity Wars which is to be split into two parts). Heyy…but where’s Thor and Hulk?

Spiderman here talked a lot even during the fight but it’s funny to see he acted that way here, which makes way for his movies later on under Marvel cinematic universe. Since Spiderman had been previously taken up by two actors in their respective film franchises, I’m hoping to see a new and a fresh Spiderman character and storyline to develop now under this young actor (Tom Holland) by Marvel in his future films. He is a talented actor (saw and amazed by his performance in ‘The Impossible’ few years ago, a tsunami movie of which he starred with Naomi Watts) but I still find that he is a bit too young for this role. Anyway, let’s move on. I find that there are a bit too much of boring and draggy talking scenes in between. Besides that, I’m actually hoping that the villain behind this plot would be much stronger or poses real threat to the group, and now, it ended up quite disappointingly for me as he is just an ordinary man. But beyond that, this movie is all good, but just not a great masterpiece. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Captain America: Civil War’ a total of 7.1. And if you have not watched this movie, please wait till the very end of the movie after the credits for one mid-credit scene and one post-credit scene. Don’t miss them.

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