New things learnt while being in Australia. On the other hand, it’s Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday yesterday and Earth Day today.

Now, I have been in Perth for over two months already. What are some of the new things I learnt while staying here?

(a) Drinking alcohol here has been a very usual thing. I realized I had been doing it at least once a week now. Back in Malaysia, I seldom drink…like once in a few months. Well, I’m in Australia, alcohol is like part of the life here and so I have to be part of it now too.

(b) Don’t go out at night without wearing a jacket. It’s autumn here but it’s already very cold at night recently. The temperature can drop to 12 degree celsius lately. Worst feel is when the wind blows and I knew I was definitely shaking. Malaysians don’t get used to this kind of weather…maybe yes, for one day to a week, but not everyday like this.

(c) It’s really quiet out there once evening starts. Yes. There is literally no nightlife here. Everything will be closed by 6pm or somewhere around that time. It is so different back in Malaysia when even the malls will open till 10 or 11 pm. In Perth’s neighbourhood, it’s dark and quiet out there at night. It’s creepy and also dangerous to walk outside alone.

(d) The ‘Australian language’. It’s still English but Australians love to shorten every words they think is possible to the way that I’m not familiar with the new word they spoke out in the end. For example, they say ‘breakfast’ as brekky, ‘barbeque’ as ‘barbie’, ‘afternoon’ as ‘arvo’, etc. I guess their unique slang is created due to them being lazy to speak original words which are longer to be pronounced.


On the other hand, yesterday marked the 90th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Last year, she broke the record of being the longest reigning British monarch and now, she crossed another level by becoming the first British sovereign to celebrate 90th birthday. On the throne for over 60 years, she has been a very iconic world’s royal figure and a very respected lady by leaders across the world. Three portraits of her with some companions were released yesterday in conjunction with her birthday and one of them is the cutest, featuring her with her two youngest grandchildren and five other great-grandchildren.


That was yesterday. Today is the Earth Day. Happy Earth Day! What you can do? Be good to our planet, save and take care of the environment, practice 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle), appreciate and plant more trees, avoid things that will cause pollution, etc. A simple step from each of us means a lot to Earth. Help not only on this day but also on everyday onward. Saying these make me slightly guilty as I’m not that good in taking care of the environment too. Guess that you and I have to change that mindset too.


(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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