This is not a prank…April is here.

It’s 1st of April….Happy April Fools’ Day! If you are in the mood to prank others, you are certainly welcomed to do so especially on this day. But beware, you may end up being pranked or fooled by others. Just stay careful and be observant this whole day and watch out for something suspicious or weird that you only encountered today. But hey…if you are too careful and couldn’t get pranked, then where’s the fun? Just let things be, let the plans worked and enjoy the day!


(Image source:

In the past, I have watched quite a number of prank videos. Some were very creative and most of them made me laughed out loud and non-stop. Fortunately, I’m not one of those people got pranked in those clips. I felt sorry and pity for the victims sometimes but hey…why so serious? (Just like what The Joker likes to say always). It’s all just for fun and a moment of entertainment. As a gentle reminder, prank sometimes get seriously wrong and hence please don’t pull something too extreme or dangerous. Safety first no matter what.

The first quarter of the year is gone. That first three months of the year were kind of huge for me with some of the major changes in my life before settling down in Perth for my postgraduate study right now. Everything is now smooth for me as all I have to do now is to focus on my study while trying not to overspend here in Australia where everything is very costly compared to prices back in my country, Malaysia.

My blog’s header for this month would be something simpler as compared to the previous month’s one of which everything is quite complicated. I was impressed straight away the first time I saw this image on the web and I instantly named it ‘Light At An Angle’. I have some sort of my own definition for it but I just couldn’t describe it. It’s beautiful and enchanting and I decided to use it for my blog’s header for April 2016.

April 2016 Blog Header

Last but not least, to everyone of you here, have a wonderful April!


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