TVB’s ‘Short End of the Stick’, a wonderful drama both dramatic and fun at the same time.

Right after coming back from a housewarming party organized by one of my classmates, I’m super excited to watch the final episode of a TVB drama called ‘Short End of the Stick’ (公公出宮) tonight. This Cantonese drama had been giving me a lot of fun in the past few weeks and it is a bit sad to know that it has concluded. If you didn’t know about it, it is a period comedy drama that centers around the lives and struggles of eunuchs after the fall of Qing Dynasty and their eviction from the Forbidden City. This group of eunuchs then settled in a village headed by Kam family.


This series is an indirect sequel from 2012’s ‘The Confidant’ series. ‘The Confidant’ is a serious drama (I enjoyed that drama too) while this ‘Short End of the Stick’ is more of a lighthearted comedy. The same cast portraying the eunuchs in ‘The Confidant’ returned to this series except for Raymond Wong. Edwin Siu is no longer portraying an eunuch this time. Overall, the series starring Wayne Lai, Raymond Cho, Edwin Siu, Power Chan, Nancy Wu, Rosina Lam, etc is highly entertaining. There are plenty of moments that will surely give you a good laugh and all of the cast did a great job.



The outstanding performances shall be from Nancy Wu (great as first female lead role here, but her role is not that prominent anymore in the last half of the series), Rosina Lam (well, she improved a lot and had been delivering very stable and excellent performances nowadays…so much better compared to all the newbies currently highly promoted by TVB) and Raymond Cho (he is very realistic in portraying the most soft and feminine eunuch here…maybe it’s time for him to get Best Supporting Actor award end of this year?). Wayne Lai, Power Chan and Edwin Siu are as usual nailing their roles too. The series is also good because the story keeps on going and presence of many plot twists gave further advantage for the overall story development. It is dramatic and at the same time hilarious. Nowadays, not many TVB drama would have such quality. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Short End of the Stick’ a total of 8.0. A highly entertaining and interesting drama which I can say is the best for first quarter of the year before we get to see more before the year end’s TVB Anniversary Awards.

Talking about TVB also on the other hand, there are many recent surprising news of popular TVB artists getting married. First of all, Myolie Wu got married not long ago. And then, Linda Chung announced her marriage to a wealthy man out of a sudden. That is still shocking to me as I find that it is a waste for such a beauty to end up on a hand of a bad-looking guy. And then, the most recent marriage is between Tavia Yeung and Him Law. Well, this is expected as their relationship has been very obvious for the past few years already. So, who’s next to deliver another shocking marriage news? This had been such a trend in TVB now.

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