Here goes the end of the first week of the semester.

Time flies. The first week of my first semester for my Master study in Curtin University is over. Well, it’s still all free and relaxing in the first week as expected. It’s all just about introduction of the subjects (units) that I have to attend to for the whole semester and there are no ‘real’ assignments coming in yet. Hence, I just enjoyed the week with no sign of pressure yet. This is not going to last long as there would be multiple tasks coming in from next week onward till the end of my Semester 1 by the end of June. Well, that is not very far from now and I hope that day comes sooner (or even hoping the day of my graduation comes sooner too).

Hmm…let’s not talk to that far yet. I got to make new friends this week, especially with the ones that I’m going to attend lessons with for the next two years in my study. They are my classmates and I’m excited to see that there are actually quite a lot of Malaysians in my classes. They are friendly and it is really important to make friends especially in a new environment like this when everyone who walked past you is a total stranger. On the other hand, since I’m still mostly free this week, I went to read a book online which is significant for my culture class and it is called ‘The Architecture of Luxury’ which happened to be written by my lecturer too. It’s been such a long time (I couldn’t even remember) since the last time I finished reading a book. So, this is considered a big accomplishment to me.

I also managed to visit the famous Kings Park on a hill besides the city centre of Perth in the evening yesterday with my friends. Up there, not only that I enjoyed the breeze and also the calm atmosphere, I am also amazed by the beautiful view of the city skyline of Perth eventhough the city is small. Lights on multiple floors of most of the buildings in the city are turned on, making the view a bright and a majestic one. This is so unlike in Kuala Lumpur (KL) where only the Petronas Twin Towers and the KL Tower are illuminated while mostly all other buildings are in dark. Now, I began to like this modest city of Perth.


Besides that, I also managed to watch a new film entitled ‘Brooklyn’. It’s a 2015 film and has been nominated in the recently concluded Academy Awards in multiple categories including Best Picture. Eventhough the movie didn’t win anything in the end, but it is still a very good solid film and its quality should not be questioned. The movie is about a young Irish woman who moves to Brooklyn in 1950s for a new job and environment. She quickly felt in love with an Italian man over there. After some time of finally adjusted to the new life in Brooklyn, she had to return home after her sister’s sudden death. Back home, her past catches up with her and she felt very comfortable with it. Hence, she stands in a point when she must choose between the two countries and the lives that exist within.



Eventhough the plot is nothing dramatic for me, but the storyline turned out to be very engaging. I can’t have my eyes off the story development which is absolutely enhanced by wonderful performance by Saoirse Ronan as the female lead. She is brilliant and she disappeared into the role. For me, she is the second best behind Brie Larson from ‘Room’ in performances by leading actresses in films last year. If ‘Room’ isn’t released last year, then Saoirse Ronan would have win Oscar for best actress last weekend (it went to Brie Larson who is very deserving too). Emory Cohen is also outstanding as her Italian lover and later husband in this movie too. Generally, ‘Brooklyn’ is a solid period drama. With a simple tale of a seemingly ordinary girl, the story is made complex successfully with conflicting emotions. It’s a great story without any excessive twists or effects. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Brooklyn’ a total of 8.1.

That’s it for my post today. Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

(Last two images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web.)



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