Back to being a student again from March 2016 onward.

February is over (yes definitely, the shortest month of the year is gone, but only now I realized that it has 29 days this year, that happened once in four years – usually it’s 28 days only in February). My working life in KL is over (no longer working). Chinese New Year is over (why? I didn’t get enough angpow yet). My once-in-a-year vacation is over (unfortunately, my holiday mood is still around). My days in Malaysia is over (well, I would be back too in future). So, what’s now?… March 2016!

This is the month when I’m officially back to being a student! That is somehow interesting and exciting. I moved to Perth around the end of the previous month to commence my postgraduate study in Curtin University. The study period didn’t come until 29th February and I have been spending the time before it in Perth by settling in my new home and room, making new friends, doing the necessary stuff as an international student whom is going to spend the next two years here in Perth, as well as attending multiple events scheduled in the Orientation Week last week.



From this new month onward, I would be a full-time student back! I’m looking forward to it since I have not been a student already for the past 4 years. I have graduated with a degree back in 2011 and since then, I have been working in two different offices. Right now, I would have forgotten how it feels to stay awake all night to complete my assignments, forgotten how it feels to cut out pieces by pieces of materials for my model making, forgotten how it feels to slap myself in the face to keep my eyes open in front of my laptop working on the drawings and presentation, forgotten how it feels to do heavy revision before examinations, etc. Well, I’m going to experience that all over again in the next two years till the completion of my postgraduate study.

Two years are quick. In a glimpse of the eyes, I would have done it and upgraded myself with a Master in my pocket. Now I’m wishing that the time to come fast and while in the process, I would be able to enjoy the fun and experience I had from this study, my first ever study abroad. Hence, March 2016 is significant to me as this is my starting point for this exciting and tiring adventure (most probably). My ending point point would be in December 2017; that’s when I would be graduating.

March 2016 Blog Header

For the new blog header of the month (a copy shown above), I have decided for a visual (original source: full of frames of various sizes with the relevant wordings for the month put into the frames along the center row. It’s a bit in a playful manner which is in contrast to the only application of black and white colours in the image. This somehow reflects my current mood of being living in a new environment now, feeling divided and unfamiliar, which is an opposite to the smooth and typical life I have back then in Malaysia for the past 24 years. Well, I would cope with this new environment quickly (hopefully) and everything will be fine. And I wish things would be fine on your side too. Have a wonderful day ahead!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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