Perth, my new home in 2016 and 2017.

Time flies. I have already been in Perth, away from my family for 4 days already. If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, you would have already been informed that I would be taking my postgraduate study (in Master of Architecture) for two years in Curtin University, Perth, Australia for two years. My study would begins next week but as a first-time student in Curtin, I have to attend some events for the Orientation this week.

Since flying from Kuala Lumpur to Perth last Friday, everything has been all by myself as I came here alone without any companion or any family members coming along for assistance. Fortunately, I have already made few friends here and have been getting along very well with most of my newly-known housemates. They are friendly and nice people. My room is also spacious with a very huge working desk that is suitable for me when I’m going to need a lot of space later to work on my different variety of assignments. The only unsatisfactory thing in my room is the small fan which is not enough to keep the room cold and hence affecting my sleep for almost every night. Perhaps, I am previously being too used to sleep in my air-conditioned bedroom.


Since moving to my on-campus accommodation which is near to both my university campus (only about 10 minutes walking distance) as well as to a shopping mall with two supermarkets inside (less than 5 minutes walking distance). The shopping mall is small but it has quite a number of restaurants and that is good for me. I have basically done all the things I need to do in these few days like sorting out my banking stuff, shopping for groceries, and above all, getting used and familiar to this whole new environment for me. It’s my first ever study abroad! Nervous and excited at the same time.

As mentioned earlier, this week is the Orientation Week. It’s the week when there would be some events or activities organized to get the new students to be familiar with things in the campus and also for our upcoming study. The campus is very huge with many separate buildings, many zones and many parks. It’s beautiful and nice being around the campus surrounded by green scenery. This is the week I’m going to collect my student card, attend orientation-based, guild and entertainment events, attend tours around campus, make more friends, attend some informative talks, etc. It’s still fun before the study period comes!

Curtin University

So far, I quite like the weather here. It is supposed to be hot summer now in Australia but the temperature could drop to below 15 degree celsius at night here. The world climate has changed. This weekend, I’m planning to visit the city with my housemates to get to know more about this place. There is nothing much around the campus and our house as it is all quiet and quite dark here. Good as a place to study but not good if you are looking for entertainment or happening environment. I have to be really getting familiar and along with Perth, the city that is now my home in year 2016 and 2017. Of course, I would return to Malaysia during semester break for a short while within these two years.


Is it too fast that now I started to miss my family and also all the Malaysian food that I love?! Haha…

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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