Off to Perth tomorrow to begin my 2 years of postgraduate study.

Finally, the day has come. Today would be my last day here in Malaysia before I would fly to Perth, Australia tomorrow to commence my postgraduate study which is going to take two years to complete. After few years of working after my degree completion and last few months of preparation, I’m now considered ready for my Master of Architecture study. This would be my first ever study abroad and I’m obviously very excited and also nervous about it.

There were actually many things to do before one start to study at oversea. If you haven’t been through this before, then you would not know how much I have been through to make this study possible. Furthermore I didn’t have any education agent for assistance and I did all these by myself; applying for the university online, paying deposit fees, applying for student visa, undergoes medical check-up for health declaration, renew my passport, purchasing insurance for international student, renting accommodation, buying daily accessories and additional clothing, opening a bank account in Australia, changing currency, purchasing flight ticket, buying some medicines, learnt some basic things of Perth, changing my phone plan, etc.

Luckily, I have done all of the above and also had my luggage packed nicely. My baggage is full and it’s very heavy! That’s not including a handbag as well as a laptop (backpack) bag that I would be carrying along to Perth too tomorrow. Once I reached Perth, I would be seeing and living in a totally new environment for two years. Of course, I would come back when semester break comes as I think I would miss Malaysia and its food, and of course my family after some time over there in Perth!


So, now I’m officially back to being a student for two years till end of year 2017. I have been an employee for about 4 years already in the past after I have successfully graduated with a degree in architecture field in end of 2011. 2016 is the year for me to move on and further my study and so Curtin University, here I come. I’m wishing that my study would be perfectly fine and hopefully I can excel in it while also getting to make many new friends over there at Perth. I’m heading over there alone tomorrow without any friends, but it’s okay, since I am already an adult and should not be afraid. However, nervous emotion is inevitable. It’s also time for me to be more independent!


Goodbye KL! Goodbye Malaysia! Hi, Australia! Perth will be my new home! Very excited for it and also looking forward to being a student back!

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4 Responses to “Off to Perth tomorrow to begin my 2 years of postgraduate study.”

  1. Says:

    Dear Vincent,

    Good luck, Bon Voyage & Excel Study.

    Regards, Yap WC

  2. All the best, Vincent…go go go!! 😉

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