Movie review for Cabin Fever (2016) and Deadpool (2016)

Heyy…I’m finally back with movie review! In these first two months of the year, I have actually managed to watch 4 new films. They are ‘Home Invasion’, ‘Uncaged’, ‘Cabin Fever’ and ‘Deadpool’. These 4 films fall into the horror category (I have to label ‘Deadpool’ as horror too in this way since even the Deadpool himself said that in the movie). I won’t be posting any review for ‘Home Invasion’ and ‘Uncaged’ as they are B-rated movies with low budget and quality.

‘Cabin Fever’ can be considered B-rated too but I enjoyed this one more and hence deserves my time to write a short review for it. It is a remake of the movie of the same title which was originally released many years ago. Before this remake, there are also few more sequels making it a film franchise. The story stays the same to the original film which is about a group of young friends having a getaway in a remote cabin and they are later exposed to some kind of a flesh eating virus.



It has a very familiar storyline and some of the scenes in this remake are almost exactly the same to the original one. I’m fine with it. That’s the typical substance or content required in this kind of horror movie that I’m still not bored of it yet. A praise that I have to give to this remake is the huge amount of very disgusting and gory elements present especially in scenes to show how the characters got infected with the virus and increasingly decaying on its own. There are scenes of skin (and flesh) peeling off and head (or body) got dismembered. These are what makes the movie intense and terrifying and it successfully achieved that goal. Other than that, then there would be no fun for horror fans. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Cabin Fever’ (2016) a total of 7.5.

Next up is ‘Deadpool’. It is a superhero (hmmm….but the Deadpool himself refused to be called a superhero in this movie) film on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. It is about a man diagnosed with cancer getting into an experiment that accidentally awarded him healing power but leaving him with scarring face and body. He is left in a mission to get back to his girlfriend and to track down and kill the evil doctor behind the experiment whom himself is also a mutant.



This movie is not a typical superhero film as this movie came with excessive vulgarity, violent and gory scenes, and also some nudity. Well, it stays to the original comics and mostly everyone is pleased with the movie (including me). Deadpool himself is also very humorous (with plenty of dirty dialogues) and the movie is very entertaining. The action scenes are great (especially the attack scene of some cars on a highway). This is not a family-friendly movie but it still appeals to many as it is fast, fun and cool with also the breaking of the fourth wall. What does that means? It means Deadpool in the movie can interact with us, the audiences while we are watching the movie. Interesting. On the other hand, Ryan Reynolds’ performance is awesome as the titular character. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Deadpool’ a total of 8.1. The opening credit itself is already very different and funny, and wait till the end for another hilarious after-credit scene too.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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