Fall sick before trip again…and on the other hand, a quick review on a TVB drama ‘Love as a Predatory Affair’.

I would be flying with my parents to Australia this weekend for our once-in-a-year vacation for the Chinese New Year break. Two more days and I would be heading to the airport for flight to Australia, the country that I have not visited before. I should be very excited by now for the trip but I just couldn’t. Why? I felt sick. I was having fever, cold and my throat is feeling very bad. The same illness that I caught before my trip to Singapore in Christmas two months ago. Why am I always falling sick before a vacation?


Well, if I’m to take it positively; it’s better to fall sick before a vacation rather than during a vacation. It would just destroy all the mood of being a happy tourist. Now, the only thing I hope is that I will recover soon enough before the trip starts with all the plenty of medicines I have to swallow in these few days. Anyway, I’m still looking forward to this upcoming trip since it is so costly and that I would be able to visit several famous landmarks over there in Sydney and Melbourne, like the Sydney Opera House, Eureka Tower, etc.

Recently, I have been catching up to a new TVB series called ‘Love as a Predatory Affair’ starring Kitty Yuen, Jason Chan, Samantha Ko, King Kong Lee, etc. This is the first TVB drama that I watched. It is currently airing but will finish with its 21st episode tomorrow. This series is about woman (Kitty Yuen) who is not good looking, short but had a very good personality and is a master in cooking. She had a good friend (Samantha Ko) who is very beautiful but doesn’t know how to cook. Both of them felt in love to the same guy (Jason Chan) who is helping his father to run a restaurant-chain business. They then knew each other and entangled themselves into multiple issues mostly in romance and friendship. There are several other smaller plots too in this storyline involving many other supporting characters.



Overall, I do enjoyed the series so far. There are many hilarious scenes that kept me entertained in almost all the episodes from plenty of awkward moments, funny dialogues, and interesting expressions. It’s been a long time since TVB last produced a series on cooking and so it’s nice to see this theme back from this drama. I understood that many skipped this series because it has a poor line-up of cast (not featuring any famous artists) but I think this is what makes the actors and the actresses in this series to act without pressure. Very natural performances from all of the cast especially from Kitty Yuen. Many hate Samantha Ko in this drama due to her annoying character, but to the haters out there; if her character isn’t like that in this series, then how can the story develops further? Think again before bashing out on someone who is merely portraying a role as required for the story. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Love as a Predatory Affair’ a total of 7.3. A light-hearted romance comedy drama that is highly entertaining. Hmm…this is the first time I’m reviewing a drama even before it has finished airing. Well, there is only 2 more episodes left that we all haven’t watch out of the total of 21 episodes, and so I think I can basically review for this drama right now already.

Update- 7/2/2016: Just finished watching its final episode and I have to say that the ending is a bit too rushed without proper explanation to certain conclusions to the story. Also prefer for the series to have a proper closure rather than an open ending regarding the relationship between Kitty Yuen and Jason Chan in this drama. Anyway, my rating for this drama remains the same; 7.3.

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2 Responses to “Fall sick before trip again…and on the other hand, a quick review on a TVB drama ‘Love as a Predatory Affair’.”

  1. Hey! Great to discover your blog! We also write on TVB and really agree that there were some hilarious parts in this drama but there wasn’t really an ending as you said. Kinda disappointed. This is our review of The Executioner, http://ceejays-entertainment.blogspot.ca/2016/01/the-executioner-thoughts-and-opinions.html

  2. Hi, saw your review on the ending. I also do not like the open ending. King Kong still has not won Samantha’s heart after so long. Why is he still there?
    What’s up with Jason? He either likes Kitty or doesn’t. If he does, then he should make a move. If he doesn’t, then he should not string her along. I wonder whether is it due to the big age gap between the two in real life, that they think they shouldn’t have kissing scenes.
    Some of the plots were very cliched. It could have been much better. It had entertained me some parts, but not the whole thing.

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