Chinese New Year mood is on when it’s February again.

A month ago, we were all having fun time celebrating Christmas and ushering into the new year of 2016. Time flies, and now the first month of this brand new year is over. Well, the holiday mood is still all around as there are quite a number of holidays recently and above all, the Chinese New Year (CNY) festival is approaching soon!

From as early as mid of the past January, all shopping malls have had their Christmas decorations replaced immediately with CNY decorations. The malls were now overwhelmed with red as this colour is deemed prosperous and auspicious for the Chinese community. Those traditional as well as contemporary CNY music were also heard playing all around. The feeling is good listening and looking at all that which certainly amplifies my CNY mood. The festival will be here a week later and we would be bidding farewell to the year of goat and welcomes the year of monkey!

This is the year of monkey based on the 12 animal zodiac signs in Chinese lunar calendar. Currently, Astro is heavily marketing ‘Ho Yeah!’ slogan with the adorable monkey toy and you will see it whenever you are watching any Chinese channels or listening to any Chinese radio stations by Astro. In this time of the year, I tend to get a bit more superstitious by listening to my Chinese horoscope forecast for this year. I was born in the year of goat and I’m supposed to be having quite a bad year in 2015. In the end, it’s all considered smooth for me last year thankfully. In 2016, I am expected to be having quite a good year instead based on experts and feng shui masters. Well, I am hoping for that too.

In conjunction with the up and coming Chinese New Year celebration, my blog’s header of the month will certainly be all about this festival. Monkey is definitely in the centre stage. Since this is the year 2016, there would be 6 monkeys, each with different posture in front of a backdrop of a tree (the animal’s favourite place). The wonderful drawings of these monkeys are from On the other hand, only two colours are used (not including black and white); gold and red of which both are very lucky colours for Chinese. I’m opting to stay away from putting typical and complicated CNY stuff like lanterns, angpows, firecrackers, etc into the blog header and just keep with neat, simple yet meaningful visual this time.

February 2016 Blog Header

Since I have quit my job last month, hence this February 2016 will be the month that I would be flying to Australia twice. First trip to the country would be during the Chinese New Year break when I would be on a family vacation to the country’s two largest cities; Sydney and Melbourne. The next trip would be less than a week later after I returned to Malaysia and that is for my 2 years of postgraduate study at Curtin University in the city of Perth. I can call Australia as my second home soon.



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