Excited Friday as it is my last day of work today.

It’s finally Friday again, and everyone would be excited to look forward for the coming weekend. Extra good news for people working in KL as the next Monday is a public holiday (Federal Territories Day), hence extending the weekend break again just like last week when we enjoyed having Thaipusam’s replacement holiday on the last Monday. There is simply not much mood left for work since there are so many holidays around and that the Chinese New Year festival is just around the corner.

I’m feeling particularly more excited on this Friday too because it is also my last day of work in my present architecture office named RDO (Redd Design Office). RDO is the second architecture office that I have worked with and I have only spent 6 months in that office. In comparison, I spent over 3 years in my first office. The reason for the short stay in RDO is because that I need to further my study beginning next month at Curtin University, Perth, Australia. I should not waste any more time and hence decided to pursue my Master of Architecture this year as it has already been over 4 years since I last completed my Degree. I have gained over 3 1/2 years of working experience, and so, it’s time to quite work and make way to finish my study.


After clearing all my accumulated annual leave (I’m supposed to work until next Friday), I only need to work for half day today. Wonderful. This is the day when I did all the cleaning for my working desk and handing over my works to my colleague. No more drawings to work on. I’m also grateful for having many of my colleagues wishing me all the best in my upcoming study and also having them guided and treated me free lunches in the past. It’s a great office with great working environment (eeh…only the front lobby and meeting rooms part, not the working studio area) and great colleagues. Eventhough I had only 6 months in there, but it’s mostly good time (except the time when there are too many works and stress). Goodbye RDO!


It’s certainly not much time left for me before flying to Australia to commence my postgraduate study that will takes me 2 years to complete. I would be enjoying this weekend at Genting Highlands first, and then on next week, I would be free to do all the necessary stuff before my study oversea. There’s still quite a number of things that I need to do; changing currencies, planning to sell my car, buying a new luggage and clothes (maybe), cleaning my room before I left, eat all the delicious Malaysian food before I couldn’t try them anymore in Australia. A week after, it would be the Chinese New Year celebration and I will be out for vacation with my parents at Australia too (will be visiting Sydney and Melbourne). Then, I will return to Malaysia for like five days before flying back to Australia (now Perth) for my study. My schedule is quite packed.

That’s it for my blog post of the day. Gotta enjoy my last three weeks in Malaysia before spending most of my next two years in Australia! Excited and also nervous at the same time!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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