Great Monday and also for the coming next two Mondays as well.

First of all, I would like to wish a Happy Thaipusam to all Indians! Sorry for extending this greeting a day late as I didn’t write any blog post yesterday. For this annual festival in KL, the famous Batu Caves must be very crowded yesterday with devotees fulfilling their worshiping duties as well as other visitors who dropped by to check out the happening atmosphere of this colourful Indian festival. I have been to Batu Caves before for once, and that was like about 15 years ago when I was still a small kid, holding my parent’s hand while climbing the lengthy and exhausting 272 steps of stair to reach the cave temple.



Since Thaipusam is now a public holiday for the whole country and that it falls on Sunday this year, hence we all get to enjoy replacement holiday today (Monday). Unless you have really many urgent things to do at work and are a workaholic, I don’t see any reason of  you to go back to office for work today. It’s a lovely Monday (definitely no Monday blues) when I can go online until very late last night and I can sleep until over 10 am this morning. That’s the best feeling ever of having an extended weekend to rest, relax and enjoy.


The coming Monday which falls on 1st February 2016 is also a great one. That’s another holiday for us. I mean only for the people working in Kuala Lumpur as that day is the Federal Territories’ Day. There are three federal territories in Malaysia, and they are Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan (over at Sabah). Only these three places will get to enjoy the break next Monday since these places also didn’t get to have any holiday for Sultan’s birthday. Since this coming weekend is also another lengthy weekend, I would be spending that wonderful break with my family at Genting Highlands without any cost for accommodation since we get to have complimentary rooms for two nights at First World Hotel. Hmm…I would be having a room for myself. This would be my last trip up to the hill before flying to Australia soon.

Same great timing for the another following Monday as the Chinese New Year arrives. This biggest Chinese festival comes with 2 days of holiday and it falls on Monday and Tuesday this year. Chinese would usually take leave to cover the whole week while the others still get to enjoy four days of continuous holiday (from Saturday to Tuesday). I won’t be around in the country as usual during the Chinese New Year break as I would be having a vacation to Australia with my parents. And few days after the trip is over, I would be flying back to the same country to commence my 2 years of postgraduate study at Curtin University for my Master of Architecture.

That’s it for this post of the day. I guess I will post another one later this day for a bit of my review to 4 additional new 2015 movies that I have watched in the past two weeks.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



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