2015’s Oscar-bait movies are not impressive to me.

Hey…I’m back blogging after a week exhausted by mounting works from office. Had been staying back for almost everyday this week and I’m so glad that it’s the happy Friday’s evening time again. Looking forward to this weekend eventhough there is actually nothing special on this Saturday or Sunday. But would certainly appreciate the coming two days of break for me to rest and get rid of my work pressure.

Besides than being busy with my office work, I’m also currently busy covering all the Oscar-bait movies (for year 2015) before the many major film awards of Hollywood taking place soon like the Golden Globes next week, BAFTA and Oscars next month. I have watched most of the movies and I personally think that 2015’s Oscar-styled movies are not so great overall. There is not a single film last year that really moved me to the point that I’ll remember it for a long time. Many of those films received near universal acclaim but I don’t really agree especially to the most recent two films that I have been able to watch this week; ‘Spotlight’ and ‘The End Of The Tour’. Both shared a similarity; they are movies about writers. These two films received critical acclaim too but I don’t really enjoy them, till the point that I find it tired to write a movie review for them. Anyway, I’ll just do it below quick.

I’ll just keep it short. ‘Spotlight’ is a movie based on a true story back in 2001-2002 when a news office uncovered a massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up by the priests in Catholic churches in US from the office’s investigative team. The movie starred Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, etc. The story is very solid but I’m not that engaged to the whole story development that is only filled with dialogues, dialogues and dialogues from one place to another. I’m onto movies that delivered in all aspects including action or dramatic scenes. This movie felt short of that or maybe I couldn’t just feel the force from it. Out of 10 points, I rate ‘Spotlight’ a total of 7.0. The movie still contained some great performances by the cast but anyway, I would forget about this movie a month or two later.


Similar opinion goes to the next movie ‘The End Of The Tour’. The movie which starred Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg revolves on an interview between a reporter, David Lipsky and an acclaimed novelist, David Foster Wallace for a few days that explored many themes about life. The story is ordinary for this movie but I have to say that the script is brilliant. Too bad, this particular film is being overlooked (bad thing if a movie is released early last year when most people would have forgotten by the time awards season comes in year-end or a year after). Both Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg delivered very convincing performances too. While ‘Spotlight’ get to enjoy attention from numerous critics’ awards, ‘The End Of The Tour’ failed to do the same¬†despite both received similar level of appraisal. Out of 10 points, I rate this movie a total of 7.0 too.


Remember I did mention just now that the Oscar-bait movies in 2015 aren’t impressive? Yes, it is. Somehow, I’m being reminded of how successful Oscar-styled films were back in year 2010 when we saw movies like ‘Inception’, ‘The Social Network’, ‘The King’s Speech’, ‘Black Swan’, ‘127 Hours’ and ‘Toy Story 3′ all in a single year. All of them were marvelous and I still remember right now how great those films are (they are all five years ago already). None of the films in 2015 that I have watched can match the excellence of those movies. Too bad. I prefer more of sci-fi or thriller films last year like Furious 7, Jurassic World, San Andreas, Chappie, Kingsman: The Secret Service and Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Anyway, the awards season is here right now with many major film awards coming soon. The nomination list for BAFTA had just been announced today, while Golden Globes is going to happen this Sunday (means next Monday for Malaysia’s time). Will have my blog updated once these major awards’ results are coming in.

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