Me and my blog in 2015.

Just when I had recently finished a blog post summarizing major events that have happened in 2015, there’s no better thought than to switch from ‘The World in 2015’ to ‘Me in 2015‘. It’s about the time to be a bit personal and please allow me to have this post highlighting major events in my life in this year of 2015.

2015 is another year of me working as an assistant architect. Didn’t believe that I’m already being in this job for over 3 years already in the same office. Things started to get really boring and I couldn’t find much of new things or knowledge to learn and at the same time, felt under-appreciated. I made a bold move and I resigned. This is the first year that I handed in a resignation letter. Very nervous but glad that it was over, and my days over there in the same workplace was over. After resting for about a month, I took on similar job position in another office in KL. New environment, new colleagues and new directions in learning while working. Unfortunately, I won’t be there for long as I’m resigning again soon to make way for my postgraduate study next year. Life as an architect…


Yes. 2015 is the year that I finally decided to further my study after completed my degree study in architecture back in 2011. No more time shall be wasted and here I come for the Master of Architecture! 2016 is the starting point, and on the coming February, I would be flying to Perth, Australia for this particular study in Curtin University. Expected graduation is on December 2017. That’s two years later. It’s going to be fast. A lot of money would be spent in this one (my first ever study abroad…excited about it) but it’s for my future! Worth it.

As for my 2015 in entertainment, I gained the most out of it from movies. Watching films is one of my interests, and so far, I have watched over 70 films released this year to date. That’s another record-breaking figure. Besides that, I also spent more time on TVB series this year as this is the first time Astro opening up Astro on Demand channels for free to certain subscribers (us included). That means I’m getting my ass back to my couch facing my TV after a long time of not doing so. I had completely watched 11 TVB dramas of the year, one more compared to 2014. I also didn’t get myself left out of those film-related awards from both the Chinese (Golden Horse, Hong Kong Film Awards, TVB Awards, etc) ones as well as the Western ones (the Oscars, Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, etc).


2015 also marked my return to Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands to watch a concert. It has been few years already that I did not watch any concert. Why I do that this year? It’s because my favourite Hong Kong female singer, Sammi Cheng was in Genting early this year (April 2015) for her Touch Mi World Tour. I managed to watch all of her recent concerts in Malaysia as I enjoyed her songs very much especially the classic hits from this Cantopop queen. I still remembered that I enjoyed that particular show very much and it’s the best of her concerts so far.


I have had two wonderful trips in 2015. As usual, we would go out for a long oversea trip during the Chinese New Year break. In February 2015, we head out to Jogjakarta, Indonesia. A much shorter trip (only four to five days) compared to the past when we would be away for over a week usually. The best thing of that vacation is of course being there on the famous Borobudur Temple. A beautiful monument! Also let’s not forget the Singapore trip which was just over a few days ago. This is the first time I’m personally organizing and also fully paying (almost) for this trip. Been in that country a few times but always couldn’t manage to visit the many tourist attractions in the island. Finally had the chance to do it in the recently over Christmas holiday. Surprisingly, we just stayed at home this year during the Raya holiday. In the past, we would go out for trip too but not this year.



Finally, that’s it about me and let’s move on to what my blog’s achievement. 2015 would be memorable in my blog’s history as this is the year that my blog attained over 200 blog followers. Overall from the birth of the blog in late 2008 till now, my blog is home to over 1700 posts and had attracted 2.8 million views. In this year alone, my blog had attracted over 300 000 hits (slightly lesser than previous years but it’s okay) with average daily views of hitting nearly 1000. Deducting the spams, my blog had received about 2000 comments (replies) and many posts had received also numerous likes. Perhaps my blog post of the year with most views, comments and likes is ‘Nomination List for TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015’ where it received about 10 000 views (since first published in October 2o15), attracted 46 responses as well as 12 likes with full 5-stars rating. The three countries with most visitors to my blog remain the same; Malaysia (over 90 000 hits), United States (over 52 000 hits) and Singapore (over 36 000 hits). That’s a quick report card review of my blog in 2015 that would serve as a beautiful end to this post too.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web except the last two images which are copyrights reserved)


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