Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas!

It just felt so wrong to be sick in this time of the year. I’m down with serious cold in the last two days and now, I’m hit with fever too. It’s like all the sickness coming together to visit me lately. What a bad week! I had taken two days of medical leave for this already and let’s hope I would recover tomorrow so that I can get back to work and most importantly, no issue with my upcoming trip to Singapore beginning this Thursday. Christmas is coming and I shouldn’t get sick!!!

While I was in a blurry state yesterday (effects of heavy medication), I didn’t realize that today was the Winter Solstice Festival until my sister bought home some flour yesterday for us to prepare ‘tong yuen’ (glutinous rice ball). I’m not in the mood to help on that, but still I managed to ate a bowl of ‘tong yuen’ later that night. I enjoyed eating ‘tong yuen’ which are easy to be made; just roll the flour into small-sized balls, then put into a boiling water and let it boil. The water (soup) can be added with ingredients like ginger, pandan leaves, etc to add flavour to the soup. I also prefer the original ‘tong yuen’ without any content inside. What about you? Anyway, Happy Winter Solstice again! Some said that this festival is actually more important than Chinese New Year and that all Chinese should be considered a year older after this day based on Chinese belief.


Since that I would be away to Singapore during the coming Christmas holiday, I should be conveying my Christmas greeting together in this post too eventhough it’s a bit early. So, ladies and gentlemen, Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful X’mas and have fun! While the others get to enjoy three-days of holiday from the Christmas Day on Friday as well as the following weekend break, we (Malaysians) get to have an extra day off due to the Nabi Muhammad’s Birthday holiday that falls on Thursday. What a right timing that everyone must be excited for! We can plan for many things or events in this four-days of continuous holiday. Four days also not enough? No worries. It’s the time of the year again for you to take up all the annual leaves that you have accumulated. You may even be able to extend your holiday till January 2016! You deserve the rest after a year of working, working and working!


Last but not least, Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas once again! Have fun!


(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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