Officially 24 today. Another year, another birthday…

Happy Birthday to myself! I’m officially 24 years old today, and in few weeks later when 2016 approaches, I’m unofficially 25 in sudden. Haha…

It’s another year, and it’s another birthday for me. There is nothing very special on this day as I don’t fancy birthday celebrations, gifts or surprises. I also don’t have any special birthday wish every year besides than having an ultimate goal in my mind which is to become a successful person in the near future in many aspects (family, career, social, etc) and also hoping for great health and luck for me and my family. Typical and a very general wish. Everyone thinks the same in that matter.



By the way, today I still have to go to work and it would be mostly another usual Friday for me. Hmm…maybe I felt a bit hardworking recently and prefer to save my annual leave, hence not taking a day off today eventhough it’s my very big day. The only thing different today is that I have to be very busy replying thanks to all the birthday wish postings on my Facebook profile page from people I knew and also from people I don’t know among my Facebook friends. And tonight, I’m going to be treated with a nice dinner. Well, at least I have a very valid reason to get a free meal later in the evening today. There wouldn’t be people treating you on other days unless he or she is very rich or generous. So, birthday is the chance for you to get treated. I’ll make sure I’m super hungry later on…haha

Time flies. I’m getting old..haha..24 is not a young age anymore and I believe this shall be the time for me to go a step further in my career path. Currently, I’m just a Part I architect and to move forward to become a Part II architect, I have to take my postgraduate study in architecture. To realize that ambition, I have decided to take Master of Architecture at Curtin University, Australia beginning next year. So far, I have done almost all the things required for my first ever study at oversea (accepted university’s offer, paid tuition fees’ deposit, obtained health insurance, done medical check-up, obtained Australian visa, paid for my on-campus housing, etc). So many things to do all by myself as I have no agent to assist. And I’m glad that everything is almost done and I’m getting ready for this 2-years study abroad. Excited about it.


Talking about excitement…Warner Brothers gave me a nice birthday gift today by releasing the latest trailer for their upcoming movie ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’. It’s one of my most highly anticipated movies next year and I couldn’t wait for it anymore especially when more and more exciting trailers of it were shown. Here’s the latest movie trailer below:

Okay..that’s it for my blog post today. The focus shall still be my 24th birthday today! Going to still enjoy the day to the fullest no matter how ordinary or typical it may turn out to be! That’s just me being modest…haha…

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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