December…year end’s time with X’mas and holiday mood arriving.

We are now in the last month of the year already after saying goodbye to November. Another year is going to end soon unbelievably quick. December 2015…this is the month:


  • when I’m going to celebrate my 24th birthday (three days later on 4th December). Oh no…I’m getting old!
  • when I would be going out for a trip with my family to Singapore (during Christmas period). This is the first time I’m organizing and paying mostly for the trip.
  • when we would be celebrating and enjoying the holiday from Nabi Muhammad’s Birthday and Christmas (two days in a row joined with two days of weekend break).
  • when I would be heading out for year-end shopping to buy some new clothes and stuff. It’s the year-end mega sale!
  • when I would be anticipating for the result from Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards after watching many of their dramas (some good, some bad) this year.
  • when I would be anticipating for release of some Oscar-bait movies this year like Steve Jobs, The Danish Girl, The Revenant, Carol, Bridge of Spies, etc.
  • when I’m predicting myself to spend a lot money compared to the past 11 months on many stuff. This month is going to hurt my wallet the most!
  • when I would have many banquet dinners to attend (at least two invitations confirmed so far).
  • when we would look back on major things that have happened in this year (would even blog about it later as usual every year).
  • when I would produce a report card for my blog, showing what has my blog achieved this year in terms of number of visitors, comments, blog followers, likes to posts, etc.
  • when my preparation for my upcoming study to Curtin University for Master of Architecture is almost there. So many things to do as I’m not having any agent to assist. All by myself.
  • when we in Malaysia get jealous by all the snow falling in countries with four seasons (now winter), and what we get to see is only fake snow decorations in shopping malls for the Christmas.
  • when I would be hopefully going for many highly anticipated movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, In The Heart Of The Sea, Ip Man 3, etc.
  • when I would be looking forward to all the wonderful new year fireworks display from various major cities across the world (but not from my city, KL where our pyrotechnics display here sucks every year).
  • when we would be thankful for all the good things and smooth daily life in 2015.
  • when we realized that we didn’t achieve much from our goals set for year 2015 in December 2014. Haha…failed resolution…


For this month’s blog header at the top of my website, there wouldn’t be anything else more relevant than a nice visual full of Christmas feel. (Original source of the image is from with a copy of the blog header can be seen below). Enough said. X’mas mood everywhere now! And if I’m not mistaken, there would be animation of snow flakes falling all over my website (applies to all other WordPress blogs too) starting soon till early January every year to mark this festive season.

December 2015 Blog Header

Okay..that’s it for my welcome post for December 2015! Let’s hope that this last month of the year would be nothing short of greatness and happiness for all of us!

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)


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