Full result of the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015

The TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015 had successfully took place last night at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands with all attending Hong Kong artists receiving their awards respectively as usual. Those who came to the ceremony will definitely at least get an award for the night. This year, there are quite a number of TVB artists coming to the show as expected. However, they are mostly the not famous ones. I only saw big names like Wayne Lai, Linda Chung, Kristal Tin, Nancy Wu and Tavia Yeung. Disappointed with the low turnout of big stars this year.


Let’s move on to the result that was highly anticipated.

My Favourite TVB Drama Series: Captain of Destiny

Opinion: Glad that ‘Captain of Destiny’ won as it is a very good quality and interesting drama this year. Very deserving. It also came with exceptional technical achievements beyond typical TVB standard. Honourable mention to the other two series making into the top 3 finalists as announced yesterday: Limelight Years and Lord of Shanghai. These two are good dramas too. Now, ‘Captain of Destiny’ had won both in Singapore and Malaysia. Will it win in Hong Kong next month too? I think the chance would be 70%. Its biggest competitor in Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards would be the ‘Lord of Shanghai’.


My Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song: ‘Sailing’ from Captain of Destiny by Fred Cheng

Opinion: Since Jinny Ng won last year already, her song this year for ‘Young Charioteers’ which is quite nice will be a little tougher to win. And yes, another song won and it is the ‘Captain of Destiny’ opening theme. That is another nice theme song too and so I find it deserving.

Astro MY FM’s Special Pick for TVB Drama Theme Song: ‘Regretless’ from Lord of Shanghai by Alfred Hui

Opinion: Out of sudden, there is this new category by our local Chinese music radio station. The song is quite nice, and most probably it didn’t win the ‘My Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song’ and so the organizer suddenly create this new award to still reward this song. Another ‘pork chop’ award.

My Favourite TVB Variety Programme: Sze U Tonight

Opinion: This is quite a hilarious programme but I seldom watch it. But out of all the nominees, I voted this.

My Favourite TVB Informative Programme: Wellness On The Go 3

Opinion: No comment on this category.

My Favourite TVB Actor in a Leading Role: Ruco Chan (Captain of Destiny)

Opinion: Eventhough Ruco Chan couldn’t attend the ceremony, but I’m glad that he won this award finally in Malaysia. Previously, many were afraid that TVB may not give out this award to him since he is not present. Fortunately, with huge fan base in Malaysia as well as outstanding performance as 11th prince in ‘Captain of Destiny’, he totally deserved it. Now, he won both in Singapore and Malaysia. I think it is like 100% probability that he will win ‘Most Favourite TV Male Character’ in Hong Kong awards next month, but as for best leading actor, he will have lower chance since Anthony Wong and Wayne Lai are on his way.

My Favourite TVB Actress in a Leading Role: Kristal Tin & Nancy Wu (Ghost of Relativity)

Opinion: Very surprised that they handed out two awards (tie) for best actress this year. I do not agree to this decision. I always find sharing a single award is not a good thing or a matter to be proud of. I’m rooting for Kristal to win this alone since she is very natural and convincing in her role in ‘Ghost of Relativity’. As for Nancy, I’m not against her but I think her performance in there is average only. Well, if I’m to think positively, this combination is stronger than another of my own favourite that I prefer to win, Liza Wang from ‘Limelight Years’.


My Favourite TVB Actor in a Supporting Role: Benjamin Yuen (The Fixer)

Opinion: Didn’t watch his performance and I’m surprised he win supporting actor so quickly. Well, he is handsome and a lot of girls must have voted for him. I’m actually preferring Louis Cheung to win. Anyway, I don’t think Benjamin stand a chance in Hong Kong awards next month.

My Favourite TVB Actress in a Supporting Role: Elaine Yiu (Raising The Bar)

Opinion: Also I am quite surprised that Elaine Yiu win. I didn’t watch her in ‘Raising The Bar’ but I think she is quite good in another TVB drama this year too, as the evil concubine in ‘Captain of Destiny’. Anyway, I’m still fine with her winning.

My Favourite TVB Promising / Most Improved Actor: Mat Yeung (Madam Cutie on Duty, Momentary Lapse of Reason, Every Step You Take, Captain of Destiny, Lord of Shanghai)

Opinion: He acted in a lot of dramas this year with various minor roles. Perhaps his biggest roles this year are for the ‘Momentary Lapse of Reason’ and ‘Lord of Shanghai’. He is good and deserved this.

My Favourite TVB Promising / Most Improved Actress: Tracy Chu (Smooth Talker, The Fixer)

Opinion: Didn’t watch any of her performances this year but I think she is a good newbie actress.

My Favourite TVB On-screen Couple: Edwin Siu & Priscilla Wong (Madam Cutie On Duty)

Opinion: Everyone knew this on-screen couple whom is also real-life couple is going to win. They are cute and very compatible. However, I’m actually personally preferring Alex Fong & Linda Chung (Limelight Years) or Kevin Cheng & Tavia Yeung (Eye in the Sky) to win.

My Favourite TVB Variety Show Host: Johnson Lee & Pal Sinn (Sze U Tonight)

Opinion: They are both funny guys and they made ‘Sze U Tonight’ entertaining. I’m fine they win this.

My Favourite TVB Characters: (16 handed out)

Selena Li (Brick Slaves), Wayne Lai (Lord of Shanghai), Louis Cheung (Momentary Lapse of Reason), Tavia Yeung (Momentary Lapse of Reason), Rosina Lam (Momentary Lapse of Reason), Priscilla Wong (Madam Cutie On Duty), Ben Wong (Raising The Bar), Elaine Yiu (Raising The Bar), Benjamin Yuen (The Fixer), Mandy Wong (The Fixer), Kristal Tin (Ghost of Relativity), Nancy Wu (Ghost of Relativity), Him Law (Young Charioteers), Ruco Chan (Captain of Destiny), Tony Hung (Captain of Destiny), Linda Chung (Limelight Years).

Opinion: I thought only 15 will be handed out as voters were asked to vote for 15 only. Now, they add one more. An obvious way of making this a ‘pork chop’ awards. Everyone win this. They should limit this to 10. Now became 16 somemore. I’m surprised on some omissions like Kevin Cheng (Eye in the Sky), Anthony Wong (Lord of Shanghai), Vincent Wong (Brick Slaves), Liza Wang (Limelight Years), etc. From the 16 people in the list, those I don’t think deserved are Ben Wong, Elaine Yiu, Benjamin Yuen, Mandy Wong and Tony Hung. I’m also surprised that Wayne Lai won this too since he is portraying a very evil role in ‘Lord of Shanghai’ and won’t be considered a favourite character typically. Well, I think since he attended the ceremony, he must get one award at least.

TVB Star Achievement Award: Bowie Wu.

Opinion: Last year, they handed out this award to two persons, Law Lan and Lau Kong. This year, they gave out to one person only; Wu Fung whom is now 83 years old. He had been in acting industry for many decades and I think it is very appropriate to honour him.

wu fung tvb malaysia 2015

Overall, I’m half-satisfied and half-not satisfied with the awards’ results. The awards show last night was generally entertaining and I’m surprised that Shila Amzah, our very own Malaysian singer whom are now based in Hong Kong after receiving exceptional popularity in China became a guest performer as well as awards presenter. Let’s hope that next year’s TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016 would observe more turnouts of big celebrities. Now for this year, there is one more awards left and it is the prestigious Hong Kong’s TVB Anniversary Awards 2015 scheduled to be held on 13th December 2015.

(Images in this post are from various sources throughout the world wide web)



2 Responses to “Full result of the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015”

  1. JacksonSoo Says:

    This is my first time reading your interesting Blog! All I have to say is: Congratulations! Bravo! Excellent! Well Done! Keep It Up! Keep Up The Good Work! Actually I am more interested in TVB Star Awards Malaysia (every year) AND Hong Kong DoDoCheng’s TV Awards in December (every year)! I love TVB dramas. The above two Awards Ceremony shows are my All Time Most Favourite Entertainment Shows! The very detailed information/facts/photos provided by you/your Blog was absolutely & truly informative & interesting! I think I am going to like/love your Blog starting today. Thank You Very Much & Have A Very Nice Pleasant Day. GodBlessYou.

    • vincentloy Says:

      Thank you for your compliment. I have been doing all the reviews and analysis on the TVB awards for many years already…

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